Perfect everyday bag for the "mature woman"

  1. O.K. Guys..... those of you, like me, in her early 50's. If you could have only one LV bag to take you from day to night (mostly day, considering we fall asleep by 9:00P.M. most nights) ....which bag would it be? I am going to voice my opinion first and say it would be the Mono Speedy 35. Now it's your turn .....
  2. Mono speedy 30 or Alma in mono or epi.
  3. Epi Alma number 1

    Damier Speedy 30 number 2
  4. Noir Mirage Speedy
  5. I would have to say the epi speedy in 25 or 30.
    My mother (in her 50s) just got her first LV and she chose the epi Sac Montaigne in black.
  6. Speedy in any style

    or I love the new Epi Madeleine
  7. I would stick with a classic speedy or an Alma and in any print except multicolore.
  8. madeleine PM in black or ivory
  9. I've just got my Manhattan PM, which I've heard called a great little day into night bag. I think it would do it really nicely. It sure is a lovely little handbag!
  10. the Damier Alma would be the best. my mom just turned 50 in September, and it's like she's gravitating towards her Almas now :lol:
  11. As a woman in her mid forties, I love my mono 30 speedy, jasmine, and soufflot.
  12. how about the trevi?
  13. I'm 41 and have been eyeing the black mc keepall---maybe I should think twice. To think in 10 years I'll look silly carrying my black speedy kills me:sad: To the OP I think the Manhattan is a great idea.
  14. I really like the Trevi.
  15. I am not in my 40s or 50s, but I see a lot of elegant ladies in that age range carrying Speedies, Lockits, and Cabas Pianos.