Perfect Edge Flap

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    Just saw the photos yodaling1 posted on the Authentic Finds thread and the bag looks really pretty! Kind of a more structured 3-bag with kind of a Boy bag chain.

    Searching through the thread i found another post by yodaling1 again on the Authentic Finds thread and according to that post, this flap comes in two sizes.

    Perfect Edge flap bag
    A67244 Y07448 calf
    Size: Medium

    Perfect Edge flap bag
    A69863 Y07748 calf
    Size: Small
    (above info is from yodaling1's Authentic Finds thred post)

    The prices seem ok to me, considering this is a seasonal piece and classics are getting really expensive.

    (above photo is from yodaling1's Authentic Finds thred post)

    I'm really intrigued! I wonder how the small one compares to M/L...

    I think this bag might be my first proper Chanel bag, apart from WOC...

    What do you all think about the Perfect Edge Flap?
  2. Looks a little like the pondichery and shiva style combined for the chains. except that it's more structured and "classic quilted looking". Nice
  3. I agree, the chain looks like the Pondichery-Shiva mix. I like the thickness and the antique looking color. I also like that it is more structured than a 3 bag. I hope someone does a reveal of it soon or i hope i can see one irl when i'm in US in August.
  4. I'm loving the look of this flap. Also thinking of getting a flap bag (don't own any yet), but the prices for the classics is way out. Feel this bag might make a great alternative. Hopefully I'll be able to get this at my local boutique.
  5. Hope to see it IRL as well! Love how it looks. Hope they have it in shw.
  6. I love the style but Im afraid of Lambskin. I dont work well with them.
  7. It's calfskin not lamb. It looks like a pretty durable bag.
  8. Well, I can't tell by the picture. It looks lamb to me.

    Lovely bag. Bag looks bigger than a mini.
  9. I think this is a great alternative to the CF- the price is pretty good.... and I love the chain handles (wonder what other colors it will come in)
  10. I agree with BOTW, it looks like a good alternative to a classic flap bag. I'm also interested in seeing the tote version as well. It also comes in burgundy with antique ghw.
  11. I think it also comes in a navy. In one of yodaling1's posts that i linked above, one of the colors is listed as navy.
  12. I love the tote! I would've gotten that had I not already gotten another tote
  13. I saw this irl in the small size. I thought it looked nice and a mix of the boy and classic in one. I saw the black one and it was similar to the m/l in size (but a wider i think - cant remember) much more room inside. It's more practical than the m/l. It can fit a long wallet and a LV zippy wallet with some room left (could probably still fit keys, iPhone and lippy). If u used a smaller wallet then even more room. It has has a small pocket in the front of the main compartment and a smaller one behind the main compartment.

    Good everyday bag IMO. Other colors are burgundy and khaki that I know of.
  14. Here's a pic of the small black. The SA said it was calfskin. I like the smoothness of the calfskin.
  15. Thank you very much for the info. The burgundy sounds really nice too.

    How long is the shoulder chain? I wondering if one can wear it crossbody.