Perfect Day or "Loved" City? What would YOU do?!

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  1. I have found two bags that are calling my name. One is a spotless Sapin Day bag going for $660, the other is a slightly beat up (but I can fix it up) Grey City going for $500.....A friend of mine says she loves having the two handles on her city, another friend says she uses her Day bag every single day.

    What would YOU do?!:love:
  2. Wow, both sound like great deals!! But I'm a Day lover... :p A new Sapin day for $660 sounds amazing!!
  3. ooooo def the day!!!
  4. If it were me I would probably go for the one in mint condition, but is there one color that you love more than the other? As far as style is concerned you really can't go wrong with either, though I personally per the Day to the City as an everyday bag just because of the size - for me, the City is really more of a going out bag. Great prices on both, BTW!!
  5. definitely the day! I have a day and a city and I totally use the day more, I like the way it sits on my shoulder better than the city w/ the strap.
  6. Based on color its a real tough call for general I love greens more than any other color...I think this stems from having green eyes and matching my shirts to them a lot when I was younger (haha)...But this season I have become obsessed with grey!

    They defintiely are in VERY different shape. The Sapin needs NO work. It is used but in perfect condition and looks beautifully broken in.

    The City on the other hand needs some major oil extraction from the handles, and the bottom of the bag has some tears and scratches that only a cobbler could handle...

    still the difference in price would enable me to repair the city for the price of the day.

    UGH! decisions!:smile::confused1:
  7. My heart goes to the Day!! Plus, a perfect bag is almost always better than a beat-up one:smile:
  8. No question in my mind- go for the DAY!!! It's prefer it far over the city, and considering the condition of the city, I don't know if it's that great of a deal. The day is such a wonderfully comfy, easy bag to use. The city annoys me and I rarely use mine- it's always falling off my shoulder and seems more prone to bumps and scratches, which I then freak out over!!
  9. go for the day! don't buy a headache :yes:
  10. I'm a huge Day lover and would choose it over a City any Day, LOL

    I know some of you girls love taking on a challenge when it comes to restoring these bags, but Tracy, there's a chance the City won't return to its former glory...get the Day, girl, great price for a bag in pristine condition!
  11. You are all making this ESPECIALLY easy..well sorta (cause I do love the grey color better right now...). Not ONE of you has voted for the CITY! Here's another reason why I am hesitant (so you guys can help me rationalize this)...I have a black Foley and Corina bag which has a similar size and shape:

    Is this too similar??
  12. Have you seen some of the bbag lovers on here?! All they have are Day's! And they own like 6! Haha I'd say go for the day bag, and I normally love city's.
  13. ^^ haha purple that's true. The DAY style has a loyal following- I notice that whenever "DAY" is listed in the title, all DAY-lovers flock to that thread. (myself included!) So funny.

    I completely agree with DRSM- don't buy a headache. Good advice!!
  14. I am a City fan but I do love the way the Day slouches when you carry it. Also Sapin is a wonderful dark colour & it's in a great condition. Day gets my vote!!!
  15. Here are the pictures for all of you who have been so kind in posting responses:
    a32e_1.JPG DSC02185.JPG