Perfect Day Opinions Please

  1. Just got the Perfect Day Bag in Dark Beige today, WAS very excited. Then my daughter, 19 came home. All excited I show it to her and she says "Wow! That's kinda old ladyish for you" YIKES! What do ya think?? It is alittle bulky under the arm, not super comfy.....

  2. can we see a pic of you carrying it?
  3. I don't think it looks "old lady-like" at does look heavy. Take pics! The dk beige sounds fab - I've only seen black in the stores
  4. would love to see the pics
  5. I think quite the opposite though I find it very modern looking! saw it in brown almost light brown and liked it very much but not to crazy about it !
  6. I really like perfect day tote, I'm considering to get one myself.
  7. The Perfect Day is a beautiful bag but I did find it to be a bit heavy wearing it on the shoulder. I don't think it's old ladyish at all.
  8. I am laughing because my daughter has done that to me too. But she also thinks I am stupid for spending so much on bags. If you love it, then that is all that matters.
  9. Daughters are usually are harshest "critics" in my experience. I saw a young (as in high school/college) girl snap one up the other day in the 57th Street store. She looked very hip with it (she had the smaller size) on her shoulder.
  10. lol! i remember commenting on one of my mom's chanel bags , "ew, are you sure?" hahaha and the next thing i know, a few months later, i took it and carried her out. and my mom was just laughing and dwelling in my contradiction.
  11. Kinda like a doctor's bag that went punk: chains, vintage-ish clasp, distressed leather. LOL

    I'd love to see the beige.

  12. ^thanks for posting maxter, I couldn't remember what it looked like.

    Chabich, If you love it keep it, I'm sure your daughter will be asking to borrow it very soon. I think it's a very nice and functional looking bag. And the leather looks amazing.
  13. Just my five cents worth here...
    I think your daughter was actually paying you a compliment when she mentioned that it looks a bit "old ladyish" on you.:flowers:
    Have a good look at it again and check if it's comfortable and suits your lifestyle. In the end you'll be the one wearing it and who knows she may be borrowing it too, someday.:p
  14. I keep trying it on at home. It is very pretty, but maybe I would like it better in Chocolate Brown. That was the original color I was looking for in a Chanel bag. I'm gonna hang on to it for abit. I am actually headed to Vegas for a couple days so I'll see if I see something there I can't live without and then decide!

    Thanks so much for everybody's opinions!
  15. i think dark brown sounds better! beige is quite a 'mature' color imho, i have the ultimate soft in beige and i think it's quite mommyish. LOL! i should've gotten it in coral! urgh