####perfect day for the perfect buy####


Apr 21, 2009
ok i was just browsing online,and im a member of many sites that have regular sales...
i got an email from www.brandley.co.uk on gucci bags & belts!!:yahoo:i was late,but i still got a great deal on a belt that i have been wanting!!:nuts:

i bought two,one for myself & one for hubby which i wud need to shorten. Luckily i have a friend in london who will receive it and mail it to me then!! but that will be end of sept!!:tender::wlae::popcorn:

but i am so excited!!! i was waiting to buy a gucci belt when sales start!!:P

here they are...

will post modelling pics when i receive it!:P

brown is mine & black for DH:yahoo: