Perfect Day Disaster, HELP!!

  1. Please see the thread "Does anyone own the Perfect Day". I was so happy because I purchased it yesterday. Well actually it was put on "locator" at Saks. There was 6 in the system, so I was assured that I would get one. Well my SA just called me and said that the system cancelled the order because there are no more in stock!:crybaby:
    They have one in the store but with 2 problems. 1. The black card is missing and 2. There is a 3 mm indentation in the leather of the frame. I think this was a returned bag (maybe yours Savannah, just kidding) because the metal feet were a bit scratched. I almost wouldn't care about the leather or the feet but I like having the security of the black card.
    What should I do? The SA said that she would give me 10% off but that still makes the bag $2700. Argh!!!:hysteric:
  2. Do what you feel comfortable with. It doesn't sound as though you really want a used bag and if you're that unsure, I'd pass. The card isn't a huge issue unless you're trying to resell but I know what you mean, I wouldn't accept a bag without it either.

    You could contact Chanel CS directly and see if there are any left in the company but short of that, I think you have to decide what the bag is worth to you. Good luck. I am sorry things didn't work out the way you hoped they would.
  3. $2700 for a bag with scratches and a missing authenticity card would bother me. I am so sorry that you received a bag like that-how disappointing!

  4. ITA with tln!
  5. 10% off isn't enough to me personally.
    If this is your holy grail bag however, I'd ask for 15-20% and take it.
  6. I just saw both large and small in black at NM Newport Beach. Call Vonne Nguyen at 949-759-1900 and tell her Lani referred you.

    For a bag this expensive, I wouldn't buy a used one with missing authenticity card!
  7. Nordstrom Chanel's still have them in stock as well. I would rather get a brand new one than one w/ flaws. ^_^
  8. Same here & I personally would want at least 25% off.
  9. Thanks for everyone's help!! I actually spoke to my SA again. She said that the locator was cancelled because my customer number was missing and that there are still 5 bags in the system. She put it on locator for me again. Please cross your fingers for me! I will post pics when I get it!!
  10. ^ oh good. hope you Perfect Day turns out to be perfect!! I got mine from NM's originally, does Saks carry the beige color as well? I might have to try my luck there!!
  11. Savannah,
    Can you post a pic of your Perfect Day?

    Thanks, LuAnn
  12. Savannah, Saks does have it. The SA said that the locator showed 5 remaining. Hopefully you can get one of the 4 left after she sends mine!

    Luann, you can see a picture of the perfect day in the post, Does anyone own the "perfect day".