Perfect date night bag??

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  1. What bag do you guys use on nights out with your SO?
  2. Channel WOC.
  3. Damier Eva
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  4. Blanche. Holds enough, not too big and not heavy
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  5. Black epi Felicie or, if I need something bigger, gray epi Twist.
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  6. Clery in noir
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  7. Pochette Accessories, don’t need to carry much.
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  8. Mono Eva Clutch OR Favorite MM
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  9. Favorite PM in monogram.
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  10. Chanel reissue
  11. Pallas Clutch
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  12. I wear my Felicie, the gold chain makes it look dressy
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  13. Felicie or Pallas clutch for me.
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  14. Thanks everyone!!
  15. another vote for the twist!
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