Perfect customer service

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  1. Even though I had some pretty bad bag karma BV solvedy problem of the faulty bag within a week and as promised they called me today and I could pick up my brand new replacement bag: a new pyramid in noce.:yahoo:
    She's in absolutely perfect condition as I checked her thread by thread together with the store manager. She went above and beyond to get me a new bag than rather having my newly bought one repaired as it was clearly a manufacturing fault.
    Even though this was my second faulty BV bag they did everything you expect from such a highend store so they'll keep me as a happy customer known as the one with the unlucky hand for bag picking:p.
    Thank you, ladies for listing to me and all your kind wishes have clearly helped:yes:
  2. That's so wonderful, Tanja! I'm very happy for you. The New Pyramid in Noce is beautiful.
  3. Just great news!
  4. Congratulations! The noce pyramid looks like an awesome bag!
  5. Yay, so happy for you. Third time lucky, hopefully all your bad new bag karma is out of the way now. Enjoy and pls post pics!
  6. Enjoy your bag and yay for good bv service :tup:
  7. great to hear, that everything turned out to be good - congrats on your new bag!!
  8. :tup:
  9. Wonderful!!! So glad to see BV has consistent top notch service on world wide basis. Enjoy!
  10. Huge sigh of relief for you! Enjoy carrying your new bag!
  11. Glad that everything turned out fine in the end. And congrats on a perfect Noce Pyramid! :yahoo:
  12. I love to hear about happy endings! Enjoy your new bag.
  13. Yay! I'm happy it worked out so well!
  14. Thanks, girls for your lovely comments. I'll post pics this afternoon.
    I just love this bag so much!!
  15. I'm glad it turned out well in the end. I've always found the BV service excellent!!. Enjoy your new bag and do post some pics for us to drool over.