Perfect bow on the Perfect Carly..

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  1. Okay.. I must be stupid because I can't seem to tie my carly's scarf into the perfect bow.. It always turns out wrong and becomes a side-bow.. or it's not puffy(?) enough..

    In the "post your carly pieces" thread in the coach there's a member who has the perfect bow (what i'm looking for) and I cannot achieve that look!

    Can anyone give me tips onto how I could achieve that?
    Where do I tie it exactly? and How do you tie it? I'm sure there's a specific way to tie it.. ._. Or i'm just stupid. XD

    Right now my carly's scarf is just a knot that hang's down.. but I'm afraid the scarf is gonna get dirty? because when I put my purse on the ground it'll be laying on the ground (as it hangs off the purse by 2-3 inches from the bottom and is much lighter colored than my purse)

    Any help would be lovely! :heart:

    TIA. ^^
  2. Nevermind gal's. I got it! ^^;