Perfect Black Tote Bag for Work--Please help!

  1. I need to find a black tote bag for my new job that I start next week. It needs to be a large tote which can fit a pair of shoes (flats), work files (A4), tupperware (medium-small), water bottle, and my neccessities (wallet, makeup bag, keys). The one I currently bought is one from Aldo. The size and shape is perfect but I'm not too pleased with the material or 'craftsmanship' of it since its made in China. I don't want to spend too much on it since it's only for work and I need something below $500.

    Thanks ladies!
  2. I think Coach would be a great option: professional looking, <$500 and will last forever!
  3. That first pic came out huge! Let me try this again.

    The first one is a Hamptons Business Tote. The second one I added is a Gallery Laced Leather Tote.
    hamptons business tote.jpg gallery laced leather tote.jpg
  4. thank you claireZk. ill check out that second one. =)
  5. Botkier has some gorgeous black bags,,,maybe a wee bit more than $500 but still very reasonable and the kind that will last forever. I saw a great assortment at Nordstrom.
  6. Consider a large Longchamp, check out some Furlas, or how about one of my favorites, the large Cole-Haan convertible tote, available from Cole-Haan, Nordstroms' and other places?

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  7. I just got the Anna Corinna Jetsetter Jr. as my work tote this week and it's been wonderful. The leather of the basic (unglazed) black version is thick, pebbled and lucious. Seems very durable and well-made. I've been recommending it to one and all!

  8. Francis by Boyy.Not in Patent, but in Black leather
  9. I can attest to the durability of the Coach Hamptons Business Tote. I bought it last year in chocolate brown. It looks great and has been lugging all of my stuff as well as my lap top for over a year.
  10. I know this is silly to mention, but I will anyway. :smile: I will quote from Real Simple magazine, "Your bag, ideally, should weigh no more than 10 percent of your body weight or 10 pounds, which ever is less. A quick way to judge if you are holding too much? Hold your bag in one hand and a gallon of milk in the other. The bag shouldn't weigh more than the jug."

    Just remember, "less is more."
  11. thank you all for your recommendations! =)

    puffle, i think im going to have to unload my current bag :shame:
  12. i'm not much of a fan of coach anymore but i must agree that of all the work-appropriate bags i've seen, coach has some of the best designs - simple and professional. but only their leather ones - not their monogrammed ones. best part is the simple black/brown leather bags can be found at their outlets for much cheaper.

    but yeah i agree the hamptons business tote is a safe bet

    i'm in search of a great sturdy work bag as well as i've just entered the work force last month and was aiming for coach when i visited the outlets but the labor day sale had a line and i just didn't have the patience to wait =(
  13. Try Coach or Longchamp.
  14. I agree with the Coach posts - I used a Coach leather bag for work this summer and it was fantastic. Went with all my outfits, was lightweight, and durable. They're already priced well but if you wanted even more of a deal you could look for a Coach outlet in your area, they have great finds sometimes.