Perfect black bag?

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  1. So we all know there is a perfect little black dress out there... but is there a perfect black bag? I'm a grad student and recently got a job, but I still need to be careful with my spending. I am going to set aside money from my pay checks and also hope that I get a PCE. So with that said, I want to know if one bag wins over all the rest. I know there are a lot of sabrina fans out there.

    I am almost 5' 3" and don't want something too heavy to carry. I'm thinking of the new Madison, but have yet to see her IRL. Any suggestions on a good bag for a good price?
  2. I defenitely think the madison would be a great choice! It's very light and fits a lot! Before that i would have suggested a black leather carly (i have one with silver hw) or a black zoe, but my number one would still be the madison, not just bkz it's the madison collection, but bkz this bag feels best on my shoulder and sit's so pretty! Better than others. I like the black sabrinas as well, but they annoy me after a few days of wearing, i don't like long shoulder straps and my hands need to be free once in a while, which is almost impossible with a satchel like that...
    So I defenitely say "the black madison hobo" would be a great choice for a long time!
  3. I just tried on an Amanda today and fell in LOVE. They are so gorgeous, but too small for my taste.
  4. My perfect black bag is my Black Large Sabrina. I like to hand/arm carry my bags, but I love the sabrina because I wear it on my shoulder when I need to. I have kids so quite a lot actually. It works well for me. I saw the Madison Hobo bag and it was really nice too, I just don't think it's big enough for me.
  5. ITA!!!!:tup: Mine hasn't gone back into her dustbag since I brought her home last November, and I was NEVER a black bag kinda gal.
  6. My vote would be either the Julianne or the Carly in black leather.;)
  7. My vote is the Madison Shoulder Bag. It comes in black with brass or nickel hardware and it is quite frankly a perfect size bag. It's not heavy and you can use either strap over your shoulder. I have a black Sabrina and really like it but I would say that the shoulder bag is a much more comfortable bag to carry. I have it in Magenta and just bought the black with nickel hardware yesterday. Here are some pics:

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Good luck deciding!
  8. I'm in the same boat as you. I want a wonderful black bag but with so many options I'm not sure what to get, but I'm definitely leaning towards the Madison Shoulder bag!!!
  9. The new Madison is a cute bag, but I do have concerns it is a bit on the small side capacity wise. I have a Gigi and love it to death. Super roomy, but many might consider it too big. I think perfect would be a size somewhere in between.
  10. ^^ I find that the madison fits even more than the med carly! I just stuffed her up today to see how much i can carry :smile: I think you should look at her in the store and compare, the size is quite deceiving. a few people thought she was too small, but she's actually far from small in my opinion...
  11. Mine is my brand new Black Bridgit! I was searching for Bridgit in Amethyst, a friend had one on hold for me at the outlet but when she got there to pick it up.... it had already been sold :crybaby: But saving grace was they had ONE Bridgit left... in black, and I needed a LBB (little black bag) that is dressy enough for evenings out, but casual enough for everyday use... Bridgit is it for me!
  12. That's good to know. I saw the bag in person, but didn't try putting my stuff inside. I really want one in pink.
  13. Love the Madison shoulder:tup:
  14. My favourite black bag is my black leather XL Zoe with the gorgeous deep purple satin lining. Today, a co-worker gasped when she saw the inside lining. I nearly laughed. The only thing is that it's a bit heavy so when I was lugging groceries home, I was nearly weighed down. It's my favourite bag but there is a certain amount of respect for its presence when carrying such a beauty on one's shoulder or crook of the arm.
  15. DITTO!!! i can't stop carrying my large black leather sabrina as well, every time i change out i go back to it. it is lightweight, seems resiliant in the weather, and looks really striking. i used to like brown bags, not this is my all time favorite. good luck!