Perfect Black bag

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  1. I'm in search of the perfect all black bag - one that can be worn comfortably with gold or silver accessories and one that transfers beautifully from jeans to informal evening wear. Any ideas? P.S. It also has to be stunning!!!
  2. Scoot over, SuzyZ....we'll peruse the internet together...I'm looking for the same thing! :P
  3. Can you go wrong with Bottega Veneta? :amuse:

  4. Wow! strong contender.
  5. i saw the perfect black bag today at chanel. it was the chanel kelly i think, from the ligne cambon, black with black logo and silver CC clasp. it was so pretty i wanted to cry! 1300 euros though, that's way outta my league :cry:
  6. Louis Vuitton epi pochette.. but I'm really biased towards Mr. V. ;)
  7. Every woman needs a stunning black bag!
  8. [​IMG]

    the hermès kelly is quintessential.
  9. If you are looking to keep the price tag below $1,000 Mark Jacobs has a large leather hobo for $925 or a medium leather hobo for $795. I saw these handbags on the Saks website. Sorry, I don't know how to post pics otherwise I would have. Happy hunting!
  10. On the under $300 range Coach 9219 or 9221 with no trim so it will go with Gold or Nickel
  11. I love the Chanel cerf tote and the Lanvin Kansas bag. Both are classic, but gorgeous, luxurious bags that will look good with gold or silver jewelry.

  12. Thanks for the feedback - I'll find the bags online - you're not alone with the photo issue. I keep trying and failing.
  13. Yes, I would also say lanvin kansas.. it's so classic, love the gold hardware with black. I also like YSL muse in black.. very simple and classic and how can I not pass on black city classic Balenciaga.
  14. Hey there,

    I am new, but what about a black gerard darel handbag. I have been lusting to get one for some time now.