Perfect bag for a mom

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  1. Hi,

    So I’ve finally narrowed it down to three bags I really love- looking for something easy and carefree to use on a daily basis when out with my kids. Anyone have any of these?

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  2. I had the coco handle shopping tote and I loved it. I would go with the third one personally for a mom bag
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  3. The cloth deauville of the bbackpack! I have the bigger size in that black cloth deauville and I've been using it as my diaper bag. The larger version would be way too heavy to lug aroune
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  4. Yes! The Deauville’s I’m interested in are the small size. I think anything bigger would be too heavy.
  5. Whoops sorry I meant the leather one would be too heavy haha!
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  6. My vote is leather Deauville. I think it is classic and will hold up well and great for everyday.

    I have two small children and I like crossbody bags, but mine are out of diapers.
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  7. Thanks! Mine are 10, 6, and 2. My two year old is still in diapers so still need to carry a bit more when I’m out with him. I do love crossbody bags too.