PERF COLLECTION-ELUX!!musette and shoes!

  1. Ok in case you like this collection......the Musette-orange- is online avail at Elux ...RIGHT NOW!-and also introducing these amazing perf shoes...I think the shoes are to die for...not even Allison can talk me out of them!!!hee!hee!(referring to the fendi b shoe thread!!!)
  2. I can't find the Musette. Either it's already gone or I really suck at navigating eLux =(. Did you catch the price on it?
  3. 1710-I just bought a very expensive I couldnt make myself buy it....fear of thy hubby!!!
  4. Yikes...I was estimataing around 1400-1500...oopsie! Guess I'm out too =(. Oh well, now I just need to find something else to set my sights on =).
  5. The Musette is under new arrivals and it's $1710.
  6. I am in love with those shoes. Oh dear. They're gorgeous in orange. Hmm... I don't need to save up that much for moving, do I? :P
  7. OMG the shoes, i love the shoes.... So beautiful... only if i could buy them... hehehheh
  8. I love love love those shoes! Thanks so much for posting!!!
    Off to hunt them down in my size...
  9. yep...This place is dangerous!!
  10. I guess I missed the much were they?
  11. I think 515.....
  12. i love them
  13. those shoes are to die for!!! love 'em
  14. ooo cute shoes :biggrin: