Lilo coke binge with pics *yikes*

  1. actually it DOES have long term affects, even for 19 yr olds that only do it occasionally.

    Not smart chiquita!
  2. From what research I've done, very casual use doesn't have any long term effects (unless of course you have a heart attack from an all night binge). Pretty much once it's out of your system, the negativity is over and the body repairs itself. Chronic usage can indeed have longterm, permanent effects.
  3. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao: (so spot on... I am thinking of this ridiculous Island love show where he tried to bed everything moving.....)
  4. so what? who is she anyway..... except for a couple of rather mediocre movies I can't say I have seen her do anything exceptional. if it helps.
  5. so sad...
    but having a friend who just cares about having "cash" by selling ur story all over the world is just as sad...
  6. Thank you...
  7. I beg to differ, that's all ;)

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  8. I think there is one TPF member posted pics lindsay snorting coke .. but couldn't remember the thread but I did saw the pics !
  9. the pics are in this thread.
    We merged that thread to this one, check back a page or 2:yes:
  10. hope she gets help.
  11. Hope she gets helP. It will be sad to see her career going through the toilet or even worse, a sad OD. Stay away!!
  12. not really surprised. And im glad this came to light because young girls should see what their "idols" are up to and how they are not good role models to follow....

    Seriously,,,what is wrong with young hollywood now a days? dont they have parents?
  13. wow. she's burying more bones than Lassie....
  14. Not surprising to me, Paris does it too.