Perez Hiltons new show

  1. Is anyone watching it? I LOVE it!!! Its better than all the trash magazines Im addicted to!! (my guilty pleasure!:graucho:)
    Anyway, if you are watching..what do YOU think?
  2. I love Perez! Trashy gossip is also my guilty pleasure! The show was hilarious. I even got my boyfriend to watch without him wanting to change the channel every commercial. The celebs were all so real with him. He is totally over the top, and that's so fun to see because no one really lets go in the entertainment industry (except for maybe britney...haha)

    Glad there are people here who understand my "love" for the scoop haha.
  3. I cant stomach two seconds of this guy.
  4. What channel is it on and when? I have got to see this show.
  5. ^Its on VH1.

    I loved it!! He was so funny. Was it just a one time show or is it a series?
  6. Whilst I love reading his gossip blog, I cannot stomach watching him on TV or on the 'net. He is not easy on the eyes and ears.
  7. i loved it. i think its going to be a series.
    i laughed through the whole thing. i love his voice and his whole "image". very entertaining
  8. Actually I was disappointed with it. I thought he was a little lame, I expected more.
  9. As much as I love his site, his show was a bit disappointing, and I was quite surprised to find him even more annoying!

    Not sure if I will be watching it again... :shrugs:
  10. I wanted to see this! but I didn't get a chance. It does look interesting I have to admit.
  11. :graucho:I get the feeling he doesnt like Avril from the show
  12. How can you not love a guy that can make Mandi Moore lick a stripper pole and say the F word several different ways??? I love how he can get celebs to do and say things that they may not with another journalist.

    He's a freak show....but a fun freak show!!!
  13. He cracks me up. I did a search on my TV satellite and it didn't show another one... just the VMA one. I thought I read it was going to be a series? I hope so!!
  14. It was pretty funny.. I enjoyed watching it. :yes:
  15. I love Perez. I think he's great. On Chelsea Lately, he said it was going to be a series. I haven't seen the show yet, though, because when I tried to watch it, the guide was wrong & Rock of Love came on instead :tdown: