Percephonie's sort of collection

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  1. Hi ladies!

    I love this forum so much and have finally decided to share my collection with you all :biggrin: .
    It's still small but I can sense that being so addicted to this forum will change that soon...!
  2. Nice collection! I LOVE your white Balenciaga and the Gucci bag with the blue trim and chain handle. Thanks for sharing.
  3. Thanx! It's actually an ice blue balenciaga not white though.
  4. Beautiful collection ... love:love: the icy blue Bbag!
  5. Love the Guccis!
  6. My first bag crush from a while back!! a Prada bowling bag!!! (if I'm not mistaken) I obsessed about this bag for a couple of years!!
  7. Gorgeous b-bags !
  8. Love the Gucci, it's cute.
  9. Nice collection!
    Thanks for sharing
  10. I like the b-bags. They are so cute!
  11. The ice blue balenciaga is beautiful.
  12. That Prada bowling bag is cute, cute, cute. I have the smaller version of that one.
  13. I love your sky blue, it's TDF!
  14. cool collection :smile:
  15. wow great collection, love the icy blue b-bag!
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