Per request, pics of my black hobo

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  1. Do not laugh at these pics. I do not know how to take pictures of myself in a mirror; they are flashed out. So here is a picture of the back strap and my hair, a pic of me in the mirror only catching a glimpse of the bag, and finally one hanging up on my wall. The pics are pathetic but I tried!!
    1.JPG 2.JPG 4.JPG 3.JPG
  2. Great bag Becca! Looks great on you from what I can see! Congrats and enjoy your hot new bag!
  3. I love it!! it reminds me of a sleek panther! GRRRR~~~~~
  4. I really need a photography lesson; where is Star? She takes the best pictures!!!
  5. fayden has a thread in 'General Discussion' on how to take good could do a search...
  6. Great bag! Don't you love the hobo style? !!!
  7. becca, your bag looks great - enjoy it!

    i was just coming home from the gym when i saw a woman carrying the hobo in the spring cognac. i never really looked at this style but i am totally diggin' it now. i'm starting to think i just might need a grenat one (or a camel, or a blue india) for the fall......:biggrin:
  8. Lovely! Congrats
  9. amber, the hobo style is one of my favorites - it is really so carefree, you can just throw it over your shoulder - and it always looks perfect!
  10. I love how comfortable it is; I am able to hold my children's hands in parking lots, etc., with out worrying about the bag falling off my shoulder. I am already eyeing a blue on Ebay......

    byMiMi; what color/colors of the hobo do you have? How did you discover how great they are? Did you get to try them out at a store?
  11. Great bag! I love the shape!
  12. i've been thinking about the hobo recently as well, i generally like shoulder bags and i tired on an origan one at bob ellis and loved how slouchy it was. we'll have to see!
  13. it is truly amazing how you can see a bag on the shelf tons of times and think "oh, that's nice" and then you see someone actually using it and suddenly, its "I WANT THAT BAG NOW!" seriously, it is on my fall wish list. i too have a young child and if i can throw this over my shoulder and look pulled together with her in tow, it's a done deal. what is the current retail price (USD)?
  14. I have the sky blue hobo! My favorite part of the hobo style is that you can fill it with however much (or little) you need - and it will always look good, it just slouches so perfectly. I originally saw the hobo at my Neiman Marcus in the denim/leather combination, tried it on, and fell in love with the shape and size - but I'm not crazy about the denim... and found this sky blue, which I love! It's honestly the best every day bag.

    Amberley, I agree - this is really a bag that looks incredible worn. I think they retail currently for $995?
  15. thanks mimi. i'm going to start saving today.