Per-fekt Skin? Anyone?

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  1. I've never heard of it, but I see we've got yet another pug mom here!
  2. It looks REALLY interesting. I hope someone who has used it will post a comment.
  3. Ilzabet-- thanks for the link to the product reviews. They look pretty positive, and I'm just such a skincare whore that I think I'll have to go buy this today:shame:

    My piggy's name is Emilie and she is the snortiest little love pug and I like to squish her all the time:love:

    Yours is adorable! Aren't they the best?!
  4. i know right?? garshdarn makeup alley...even with the wonky spelling, after reading everyone's raves about it i want it now. grrrr.... :smile:
  5. So, I went to Nordies, and I must say it was a bit of a let down. I cleansed my face with one of their products and then applied some light moisturizer with SPF in it to prepare for the big test. As I smoothed on the Per-fekt (I can't stand the name) Skin it started to pill and act altogether wonky. I think it may have reacted poorly to the SPF, which is no good, since momma doesn't leave the house without sun protection. It's possible that the SPF just needed a little more time to soak in, so I took a sample with me in order to conduct phase two of the big test tomorrow morning... It's a little sad how badly I want this thing to work:hrmm: I will write an update when I have more to report.
  6. Well I guess it's not for me since I use tinted sunscreen everyday (Miami is brutal) - let me know if spf 50 takes it off the radar screen.
  7. Emilie is very cute! My pug's name is Lucy, and she's seven months old.
  8. Eh. I tried Per-fekt skin today under the most perfect circumstances my skin can provide ie. exfoliated and 45 minutes to soak in the SPF, and all I can say is eh. Not only will I not be purchasing Per-fekt skin, I don't think I'll even be finnishing the sample. Oh well, must find a new product to covet. I heard Dr. Brandt has a fun wrinkle filling concoction...

    Tammy518-- Lucy is so cute! I bet she gets lots of kisses!
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