1. :girlsigh: You are one lucky woman... You have a heavenly collection :love:
  2. I LOVE THE STEPHEN SPROUSE SCARVES!!!! i have two myself!!, do you find that they pull all the time?!
  3. Your collection is absolutely beautiful! I love love your LV's…especially the Sunset Boulevard's :biggrin:
  4. I bet you always get a "I love your bag!!" when you go shopping!!
  5. Love your diverse collection! )
  6. drooling over your collection :drool:... I really love the blue panthom color on your new Celine bag (*jealous*)

    Can't wait to see more
  7. Love your new Celine bags!
  8. Loving the new additions. You have amazing taste!
  9. What a GoRgEoUs collection!!:salute: Just drooled thru every page!!:popcorn:Congrats on your beautiful pieces!!:ps:
  10. Love your Celine bag and great collection!
  11. i love your gucci collection. they are extremely beautiful. any plans of including the sukey? its also fabulous
  12. Great collection!
  13. Thank you all for nice comments:smile:
    Here are a dark blue chanel and the balenciaga city bag:


  14. And a pair of CL:


  15. Hi! You have a wonderful collection! May I ask for the code of your Chanel Dark Blue? It's really gorgeous! ;)