1. Love your new Celine bag! Nice choice on the colors! Enjoy reading your thread
  2. Your collection is simply amazing! Effortless chic!
  3. New blue Celine phantom::smile:
  4. [​IMG]
  5. And Triptyque in camel:


  6. Love the new Celine additions - stunning !
  7. Wow I LOVE your Celine bags!!!
  8. you have an amazing collection!!!!!!
  9. WOW WOW WOW !! I am in love with the Celine wallet. What is the style name? Or the collection?

    P.S. Did I mention your collection is DIVINE. I love your choices, especially the more recent ones. I'm loving the Hermes and Celine. So chic.
  10. :nuts:
    this wallet, for visual reference
  11. im in love with your LV collection, ur soo lucky
  12. Whats the name of the black Gucci in the center in the second pic!? I LOVE it:love: & Your LV speedy cube is super cute. Awesome collection :woohoo:
  13. omg!! your collection is GORG!!! :drool: i love your Celine taupe/black wallet and Triptyque bag!! I totally want a triptyque next!
  14. not only do you have the same name of one of my favorite guilty pleasure drinks! BUT Your collection is amaze-balls! :p I loved it.
  15. UGHHHH!!! you are making me want to go shopping & move to Oslo so we can be BBFs!!! Love everything you have posted !!!