peppers NYC update

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  1. Barely made it b/c of the snow storm!

    BalNY~ Ink and blueberry RH weekenders. Ink mens' RH weekender with silver hardware-really sharp! Mastic and brown RH works-the brown was darker than sienna and lighter than mogano- don't know the name?? Tom RH city-nice leather. Tom and Mag shoulders...Jaune GSH work...all other 08s with GH. EB RH brief.

    Jeffery-slims in Sahara and BG with GGH. Briefs in white and sahara with GGH.

    Kirna Zabete~ PTs in all 08 colors with GH. and some slims too....

    headed to Barneys tomorrow~~:tup:
  2.'re awesome!! Glad you made it safely! thanks for the update!
  3. Thanks for the updates! I know how hard it is to keep your wits about you when getting all the info. Good job, girl!
  4. thank you so much for sharing!! keep safe and warm in the snow storm :smile:
  5. oof. i know! nobody told me it was gonna snow today! and gosh darnit balny is just so far away from everything but so worth the trip.
  6. wow peppers! thanks for the info and braving the snow!!

    btw, do most places carry older season weekenders? like you said they have blueberry..isn't that from 2006? i'd love to find older color weekenders!
  7. thanks for the update peppers!

  8. in my experience, a lot of places carry weekenders in hard to find colors from past seasons just cause not too many people buy it! not as popular as the cities or firsts so i guess that's why they still have older colors. :smile:
  9. Jaune SGH Work...:drool::drool: Wishing they had this combo in PT style..
  10. Pluiee~ you're correct, ~ Most places sell out of the cities, balNY just had these older colors in work and weekenders....think I may go back today and ask for tassles-we'll see about I can get a Japanese cream puff! :p
  11. ^^Mmm cream puff. If you happen to notice, I'd love to know what RH makeup/cosmetic/clutch bags they have. :flowers:
  12. man i wish i knew about the cream puff! maybe we should have a new thread "rest stops on the trek to balny" AKA list of good food places to visit en route to balny!!

    mmm i wish they had more :sad: i don't think i need another blue bag.
  13. So went to Barneys today-heres what I remember

    SGH coin purse sky blue and black
    SGH black envelope clutch and giant traveller
    Jaune RH city; two other jaunes with GSH
    Sahara cities and day with GGH
    Slims, white, BG, Mag GHs most style

    They have all their croco bags in a glass case. There was an AWESOME white first with GOLD RH! wow~ the SA told me it cost about as much as a car! UGH they had croco weekenders and works too....

    BalNY had changed their layout from yesterday. They had a whole tomato section with GGH~City, envelope clutch, traveller...there also was a sky blue and Mag envelope clutch with GSH.