peppermint vernis?

  1. are there any out there? the peppermint is my favorite color of all time...
    and it would be nice to have a bag in that color...

    pics would be greatly appreciated:nuts:
  2. It is a beautiful color. I doubt if there are any left.
  3. Peppermint has been discontinued. This is the Reade I had before but sold to a friend. Hope this helps!
  4. ^^^ beutiful!! it looks like candy!
  5. I can get a pic of it by itself but there are both PTI wallets (one is the organizer style) and the Bedford. I think I put a picture of me with the bag in the visual aids thread.
  6. You could always try calling 866 Vuitton as well to check if there are any pieces floating around ! :yes:
  7. thanks, but that vachetta scares me! ^^
  8. That is a REALLY gorgeous color! I want!
  9. speedy05.jpg speedy06.jpg