Peppermint Bags?

  1. Does anyone have a bag that's this color and can post pictures? I don't know what year it was made, but they came with the striped canvas lining.
  2. Peppermint? I'm not familiar with the name but I'm pretty sure the color that you're looking for is green. Is this the color? It's called Spearmint and the lining is light yellow-ish/cream
  3. Chloe, that spearmint is really pretty!

    That's not the color I was looking for though. Maybe it was called peppermint white. It looks almost white, but it has a hint of green to it. The only reason I am asking, is because I haven't seen this color in a really long time and my brother bought me a peppermint Stella off of ebay today for christmas. I know it's authenitic, so I am not worried about that, but the auction pics aren't very detailed, so I just wanted to see if anyone else had this color so I could see it now....I'm not very good at waiting :shame: I also don't know what year the striped canvas linings came out, so if anyone knows that, I would appreciate the info!
  4. Can you provide the link of the auction? It will help alot.
  5. bump for more help! hope you love the bag! give your brother a big hug!
  6. aww, thanks! I have wanted one of these forever, and somehow never got around to getting one. I can't believe he did it for me! I will post it when it gets here, but it may not be until Christmas.
  7. Your brother is very sweet for buying you such a great gift for Xmas!