Pepper Spray with style!

  1. I saw this on E! news today. I really would love to get one, I'd be great for work because it looks like a pen. Too bad Michigan is the only state where they are illegal :sad:
  2. I always carry mine...but its about a two years old and is the one that doesn look nearly as cute, so I need a new one!!!! Thanks for posting the info
  3. I always have mine as well. The next one I need to buy I may buy one of those in the crystals. I have standard bottle that doesn't look nearly as pretty as that one.
  4. Did you know that stuff has an expiration date? Mine expired a few months after I got it... makes me wonder how long it was sitting behind the counter at K-Mart.
  5. I want one of those, too. I wanted a taser, but you can't have them in NJ.:crybaby:
  6. Love the style of them, too bad it's illegal in NJ.
  7. Yeah, you can't have them in Toronto either (unless you're using them against bears or dogs).

    My cousin, who's a police officer, says sometimes those things give people a false sense of security, anyway. He said your best bet is to just be careful and use common sense.
  8. Oh those are awesome. need to get myself one. thanks for sharing.
  9. Those are a great idea. I should get one.
  10. It's not like I'm not thinking of things I can use to protect myself.

    On my apartment wall, I have two wooden cannibal tools we got from Fiji. One's a fork and the other's a club.
    If necessary I can grab the club and start swinging.

    Haha . . . I can see myself with the police, "Can I have that back when you're done with it? It's supposed to be part of a set."
  11. interesting! it's not legal here either though.