Pepe vs. Goatskin (most durable)

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  1. What would you consider more durable, Pepe or Goatskin?
    I am thinking about purchasing a Mini Pandora to use during vacations, but I am not sure which is the best way to go. I am quite OCD when it comes to scratches, but I want it to be worry free at the same time. So should I go for Pepe or Goatskin? :smile:

    Thanks in advance!
  2. I would say pepe. Because it is crinkled it already looks distressed, so it would be less noticeable if you got any scratches on it. Also it's more 'waxy' so I think it is less prone to scratches in general.
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  3. Thanks a lot for your input! I did read that it is prone to fading, is this true? :smile:
  4. I've had my goatskin pandoras (mini and small) for a couple of years now and despite daily use, neither have any scuffs or scratches, there is a bit of stretching where the handles or straps join but that's down to it being heavy from time to time. Regardless, both are soft and supple, with a slight sheen (I do use leather creams and conditioners).
    4 of 5 givenchy bags I own, are in black goatskin/sugar leather. The other is a printed tote.
  5. Thanks a lot! Sounds like both Pepe and Goatskin are durable.
    Is the Goatskin leather on the Pandora the same as on the Antigona? :smile:
  6. Hi guys, i dont know if its the correct forum but im really torn between pandora and givenchy. I wan to get both in medium. What are your thoughts guys? Ive been wanting to have pandora for a while but the popularity of antigona is getting, there must be something with the bag. Thank you for your response! :smile:
  7. Pandora and antigona i mean hahaha
  8. Please make your own thread, thank you. :smile:
  9. Both are durable, just different looks. Ive never had fading on my pepes either.
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  10. Thanks a lot! I actually owned an Antigona for a while in sugar goatskin, which scratched fairly easily. Is the goatskin on the Pandora different?
  11. Dont think so, but since ant is a structured bag, and therefore, leather is stretched over the surface, its more prone imo, to potential scratches. With a less structured bag, one that you can hug more to your body, is more malleable, imo is less susceptible. Kwim? However, everyone wears their bag differently.
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  12. I have a pepe Pandora and it's definitely durable! Goat is traditionally more durable than lamb/sheep though, so it might be good to keep that in mind. I don't own any Givenchy bags in goat, but my guess would be that goat is more weather/scratch resistant in the first place, while pepe is more forgiving when it comes to hiding blemishes, should something happen.

    I don't know about fading since my bag is black, but I've seen posts around here where people say lighter colored pepe bags tend to change color a little bit. Not sure if fading is the right word, it's almost like a browning/slight patina? If you go with black there wouldn't be any color changes at least!
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  13. Anymore experiences? Highly appreciated! :smile:
  14. If you really want to be worry free, I would suggest the goatskin. I have both pepe and goatskin Pandoras and find that the goatskin is much easier to maintain and stress-free. I 've had my goatskin for one year , and has even worn it in the rain ( light rain , not monsoon) , and can safely say that it still looks as good as new. Whereas my pepe leather flecked off a wee bit on the handle within 2 weeks of use ( see photos) . I also find that the pepe is thin right where the handle is stitched to the bag , I find that a bit worrying , and that echoes another user's concern in this forum before. I think the fact that goatskin costs slightly more than the pepe also partly explains the substantiality of the goatskin leather. Good luck deciding!

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  15. Many thanks for your reply, very much appreciated! Although I love the edgy looks of the Pepe, I am convinced now that goatskin is the better choice. Did you spray your bag before use? :smile: