Pepe the Chihuahua

  1. Hi everyone!

    I just had to come over here -- I usually lurk in the Chloe forum.
    Here's Pepe, he just turned 3 this past December.
    He loves to burrow himself inside the covers, as well as laying on top of the laundry once it comes out of the dryer.
    Photo05.jpg Photo44.jpg Photo58.jpg Photo70.jpg
  2. Ooooh I love chis... and those *ears*!!! Phenomenal!!! :heart:
  3. Oh my Pepe is adorable!
  4. Oh, I love him! So cute!
  5. Thank you Fraublucher, Nola, and Danica.

    Pepe is not your stereotypical Chi. He's not yappy, and strung out like a lot of the Chi's I've seen. The only time he barks is when my DH pulls up in the driveway -- it's almost like he's competing with the engine noise.

    What he does do is whine -- almost like he's trying to sing, or speak to ask for something. Drives DH nuts when he does that, especially since he won't bark like most dogs :shrugs:
  6. ahhh... SO CUTE -i :heart:33 chi's!!

    <-- reminds mee of my faye's poppa! (he has the SAME coloring/markings)
  7. he is adorable
  8. He is so cute!!

    My chihuahuas love warm clothes out of the dryer too! ;)
  9. He's so cute!
  10. What a cute guy!
  11. Pepe is a cutie. We had a dog who could get under the covers, too, and be all covered up.
  12. Very cute. My Chi loves to be dressed also. He also loves to be under the covers.
  13. Oh my goodness--he is SO cute!!! I love Chihuahuas!!!

    Thank you for sharing pictures--I made my husband come to my computer to see them!
  14. AAAAWWWW! I had a mouse named Pepe and NayNay!!! :sad: They died

    You pup it THE cutest ever!!!
  15. I LOVE Pepe's ears. So adorbale!!!