Pepe or Sugar?

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  1. Hi! I was planning on getting the Givenchy Pandora as my next bag but don't know which type of leather to get. Any recommendations or advice please? :smile:
  2. I prefer the pepe. :smile:
  3. Both are great choices. Smooshy and beautiful.
    Decide if you really prefer SHW or GHW. Pepe has GHW and goatskin has SHW.

    Pepe can be more casual while goatskin can transition to dressier.

    Although both will be very resilient worry free leathers, I can see Pepe with its texture doing a better job of minimizing signs of wear. It is meant to look more vintagey and aged.

    I have goatskin and now pepe Gbags. I love the combo of ultra contemporary style of the pandora with the more vintage appearance of the pepe.

  4. Does the goatskin get as smooshy as the pepe?
  5. Don't know which gets smooshier over time but the goatskin starts smooshy and feels great IMO.
  6. I actually prefer goatskin because it just looks classier IMO.
  7. I think the goatskin looks classier, too.
    But they are all gorgeous.

    In the Pepe, I prefer it be in darker colors.
    For me, the lighter colors in Pepe seems a bit too busy. They do look really good when worn with very minimal, neutral clothes where the texture of the purse doesn't have to compete with anything else.

    The problem for me with the goatskin is the hardware. I prefer the gold.