Jimmy Choo PEP launch party report.

Mar 10, 2007
I snagged a PEP scarf last night at the PEP launch party in Chicago. They only had 4 parties in the US -- LA, Chicago, Bal Harbour and NYC. They had a photographer there but I'm not sure if it was an internal to JC guy or a media (like Chicago Social) guy.

Originally I thought it was last week because I just figured it would coincide with the online launch. I guess because we're the Colonies we're a week behind!! :P

They had hors de oeuvres, drinks, and a DJ. I showed up early and they only had 3 scarves on hand. They had the whole line there. I did also try on sparkly bronze wedges from the Resort 2010 collection. They were gorgy but didn't fit well on my flat feet. They also have this beautiful gray sparkly Sky I have never seen before. Usually I'm not a Sky fan but this color is amazing. I tried on the PEP cuff and didn't like it too much. It felt too stiff and for me there wasn't enough pattern.

I didn't stay all that long but it didn't seem like too many people were jumping to buy. That might have changed for most people after the drinks :graucho: but I was there mostly to score the scarf.