People's Liberation

  1. I just bought my first pair of jeans from them, today. I already owned a shirt, so I thought I would try these. These were the most expensive pair I've ever bought at $189. I usually wear nothing but Joes Jeans which are in the $150 range. Anyone else own anything and like it from this brand? I never even knew what it was until I saw it in the store here and did some research and saw Nicole Richie and other celebrities wearing it.
  2. i think the jeans are really cute, but for some reason haven't tried them on yet. think i'll give them a try next time i'm shopping
  3. i bought a pair about a year ago - i took them back becuase they were a lighter wash and not as versatile. i loved the stretch and softness of the denim though. i did size down one size because they seemed to run large.

    thinking of trying a new pair in a darker wash, but haven't taken the plunge yet! ;)
  4. Give Nordstrom Rack a try. They have plenty of different styles and colors to choose from. I bought a pair the other day for around 80 bucks. I do tend to buy a size down when it comes to PL. Makes me feel a little skinner :yahoo: