People with white bay bag

  1. Can you wipe this kind of leather? I had a cream paddington and i couldnt clean that type of leather. Will it be the same with the Bay?

    Has anyone got a white bay? If so can you give me any advice, opinions on it?

  2. I have a white (or off-white, to be precise) quilted Bay which I used constantly over this summer and somehow weirdly it never got dirty or marked:confused1: ! On the care cards, Chloe do recommend waterproofing the bags but don't advise on which product to use. I never waterproofed mine and it did get wet a couple of times, but never got stained
    The one time I wiped it over (when my daughter put her chocolatey mitts all over it:yucky:), I used a baby wipe and that didn't mark it either, so I guess there's something really stain resistant about this type of leather or I just got lucky:smile:. Sorry, that's not very helpful is it ? Just thought I'd tell you how my bag has worn so far anyway.
  3. No thats great thankyou for telling me.
    I think i may just go ahead and buy it, as its a gorgeous bag.
  4. It is a stunner:yes: ! If you have a look at the 'All about the Bay' thread in the Chloe reference section, you'll be able to see a photo of my white Bay (along with the other three Bays I had at the time of posting...I now have two you can probably tell I'm a hopelessly addicted:shame: to the Bay:heart: !)