People with violet, which color is it?? rop

  1. it depends on the lighting. it really does. outdoors it is a very vibrant color. close to #2. but indoors, it's like a dark purple closer to eggplant #3.
  2. I just got my violet courier!!! I won't even post a picture b/c it is photographing so bad. Every picture makes it look blue (like ink!!!) and it's not! I'll keep trying!!!
  3. I have given up. I couldn't get it to come out looking right even after manipulating the image in Photoshop.
  4. This is an indoor picture in a dim lit area~ (it looks darker purple in dark lighting and it looks bright purple outdoors)

  5. I'm glad it's just not me!!!! I have been trying hard to get an accurate photo!!!!
  6. My SGH Part Time arrived today, and these pix are pretty accurate as to the color, though not the greatest pictures. They are taken indoors, in natural light. They may make the color look a tiny bit lighter. I love the leather on this bag!

  7. Here's the best I could do with a pic in bright lights~

  8. I think that the second one of these is pretty realistic.
  9. I think that the light is making it look too shiney (please correct me if I am wrong) but the colour is good again.
  10. Okay! So is it purple with reddish undertones, or is it a cool-toned purple?

    No. 3 or 4 on block 1, no. 1 on block 2, or no. 3 on block 3 for example? Thanks!
    purple1.jpg purple2.jpg purple3.jpg
  11. Remember that, as with Jaune, it is possilble that the colour of the bags vary. Mine is definitely closest to no. 1 on block 2 and is nothing like any other of your samples. (Extra later note - well maybe also 3 of 3?)

    My bag is deep purple with reddish overtones.

    There is nothing particularly cool toned about it, even in bright outdoor light.

    (Oh dear - remember that the colours may look different on our various computer monitors too.)
  12. this also depends on what hardware you are planning to get. silver brings out the cool tone, the gold hardware brings out the reds and regular hardware just makes it look purple. lol!
  13. It is shiny!!! It brand spankin new!!! LOL The shine will go away with use.