people with toki

  1. have you guys ever met anyone with toki stuff and later realized that they might post here?

    i met a lady about 3 months ago in my store and she was wearing the TD star shirt and had a citta BV or mamma mia, can't remember which. we had a nice little convo and i told her about my obsession. since she said she had a "lot" of toki bags and declined to give a number, i betcha dollars to donuts she's a TPF'er!

    also, quite a long time ago (maybe before xmas) a lady came in with a pink tracksuit wearing a shirt w/ sandy and she had an OP canguro on her shoulder. i didn't talk to her about toki, but i thought it was so cool she was carrying the canguro that way.

    also, have you guys ever reccomended TPF to other toki-lovers you see out and about?
  2. I notice toki all over the place ever since I bought my first bag! hehe...

    I was at the supermarket and i saw this lady wearing her l'amore bambinone and I was aww it's soo cute. I was about to ask her if she goes on to TPF! hahaha, but then I was like nah before she thinks I'm crazy. I tell all of my friends but they don't understand me, and they're not into toki like i am, well for now at least.

    If I got into a good conversation with someone about toki I would def. ask or tell them to join TPF! to find out all the great deals and news!! lolz
  3. During our Hawaii TPers meet, we were in a LeSportsac and decided to take a group picture outside of the store. Since we didnt want to bother the SAs that were working, we asked a girl that was looking at the tokis in the store to take a picture for us! The conversation kind of got going and we found out that she goes on TPF too! (but just doesnt post much :smile:) hehe and so, of course, we all urged her to post more and she did! (I forgot her sn though :sweatdrop:)
  4. I just started looking on TPF, but I wished I got into it sooner!! I love making friends who like the same things as me!
  5. wow! another hawaii TPF member welcome! i just joined too!
  6. Dana ~ that picture-taker was me! ;) it was pretty awesome meeting you guys even before I posted! i think that night was the start of this full on addiction. haha!

    Welcome h_taka! :yahoo:

    Brandi, you're right, I am noticing toki more and more nowadays and I do wonder if they post here. I too haven't asked anyone about TPF, but if I see you and recognize your toki and your kiddos, I'll definitely chance it and say hi. :smile:
  7. i saw one girl from a distance walking out of loehmanns with a citta rosa ciao ciao. and i was like OOh first time isaw it haha

    and my little brother saw a girl in DC at a hotel there when he went in to use the bathroom

    and came out and told me some girl in the hotel had a tokidoki bag thing haha
  8. I bumped into a friend of a tPF-er at A.OKAY Official in Chicago. Based on a post of hers earlier that day, she had a friend going to check some things out for her at Macy's Chicago State Street... and then later that day when I was at A.OKAY, there was a gal on the phone with someone clearly scoping out bags for a friend. So I took a chance and asked the tPF-er via PM if that was her friend... and sure enough it was.
  9. MmHMmm twingirls, that's who took our pic ^__^ She was very nice. You're coming to our next outing eh? LOL. But yeahh she was the only one I met before I knew on here lol.

    So who all are from Hawaii now? Did I leave anyone out?

    Miss : Dana
    TokidokiLover (WAS here :sad:)
  10. Jess ~ yeah, i'm game for the next meetup! hopefully it's within the next few months (maybe when famiglia comes, right? :nuts:) because we are actually relocating to VA :crybaby: (moving closer to DH's parents... we have no family at all over here).

    others from hawaii off the top of my head:

  11. i think mama22boys came here for vacation eh? Not sure about that..hmm Rileygirl sounds familiar...&yesss around famiglia I believe ^__^ we should start planning lol.
  12. I've never seen anyone with toki except for ONE lady who didn't even know what it was! It was just an impulse buy (pirata stellina) for her on eBay because she thought it was cute...

    I wanna meet someone who loves it in real lifeee D: No one cool lives in upstate New York ._.
  13. I see it periodically on campus along w/ fake tokidoki bags :shrugs:

    I once met a TPFer in my school commons (cafeteria) lol it was odd. She asked me if my inferno was a nuvola and I said it was a corriere... she said she thought I would be one because I knew about tokidoki since she had asked one other person w/ tokidoki earlier about her bag and she knew nothing about it :lol: that's my only story w/ a known TPFer...

    I met a woman in Nordstrom's tho who's friend person guy bought her one in Hawaii and I had my white button up on so they started talking to me... I told her she should check this forum out to find out more and hear about the sales places and stuff but I don't know if she ever came on here :smile:
  14. HEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ok,you live farther up, but still. Meanie.:yucky:
  15. i met hazelnut @ my local macys (not so local for her hahaha) the same day we found out on TPF that that macys got their shipment of amore in! when i got there, i saw her walking around with a dolce in her hand so that made me rush to the table even faster since my target that day was an amore dolce. in no time we started talking and thats when she asked me if i was a member of TPF and i said yes...and...yea...hahahahha it was pretty cool though :] i wanna meet moreeeeee!