People with tiny waists...

  1. ...Tell me your secret! :ninja:

    Seriously though, I'm fairly ok in terms of the other parts of my body, eat right, work out, but I always have this icky thick waist. I'm at a loss as to what to do, so any advice would be tres appreciated! :flowers:
  2. I think the size of one's wrists and ankles have more to do with the size of their bones. People with tiny wrists are small-boned.

    Edit: read the title wrong. :Push: Sorry...Just gnore my post :sneaky:
  3. corsets :idea:
  4. ^ Seriously? Joking?
  5. Alright honey.

    Honestly evaluate your body type and don't strive for a tiny little waist, if you're just not built to have it. For instance, I'm a size 4 but my waist to hip ratio is really small-- basically I have no waist, but I love it because my torso can end up looking really athletic and strong when I'm working out.

    If you're concerned about excess fat, the only thing you can do is diet and exercise. Eat healthy, do lots of cardio, just reduce overall unhealthy body fat.

    It's a big fat DurH that you can't spot treat fat ( unless you get lipo).

  6. you know my waist started to look more defined when i had to wear these high waist slim skirts for med school. REALLY! i wear them every single day though. After my first year i went to the beach and noticed that my waist looks slimmer/ more defined.

    i think the corset or whatever u call those will work in defining your waist by giving shape.. but it won't really make you lose weight.. i guess it just sort of segments the fats there.. LOL am i making sense?
  7. You will relaize in time it is just the way God made you. You can try to diet and exercise, but you may just end up right where you are now. JUst cntinue to eat ptoperly and get exercise. If you have a little thick waist then get a panty girdle for those times you really need to have it flat. I know...yuck! After three babies in a short time I had to get one because sometimes you just need it. If you are toned and in shape everywhere else and you are pretty happy then this could be the answer you are looking for.
  8. I agree, eating well and getting some exercise is always a good idea; but you can't fight your natural body shape. :shrugs:

    Hoola hooping and belly dancing can whittle your waist down a bit, though!
  9. Not meaning to be inappropriately nosey, but what are your measurements, including the circumference of your wrist? That may give you the information to know if the "tiny waist" is even possible. Not everyone has the "hour glass" body type no matter how much or little they weigh.

    If it turns out you just happen to have born with a different body type than what you consider ideal, so what? Do you like yourself? Are you a decent, caring, thoughtful human being? That's what really matters! :heart:
  10. Ugh! I have a thick waist too :sad:
    I have teeny wrists and ankles so I don't see how that could correclate. . . but I sure wish it did!
    Even at my lightest, my waist wasn't really small.
    The problem for me is genetics, I'm built like my Dad's side of the family, barrel chested, tiny bones and a short waist. :sad:

    There's really nothing you can do about a thick waist if you don't really have any weight to lose.
    If you carry your weight there then cardio exercise is your best bet, aside from lipo like someone mentioned.
    But honestly, if that's just the way you're built {like I am}, lipo isn't really going to help either.
  11. It has everything to do with your body type. Some of us will never have tiny waists - it's just the way we're made!
  12. Anything is possible. Just watch what you eat.
  13. I have a 21inch wait, and basically I just try to eat as best I can which obviously doesn't always go to plan (I had a large choc chip cookie and 2 chocolate bars today lol). And I try to just do a few side stretches whenever I can be bothered also a few sit up regularly to keep my tum toned!
    Also it has alot to do with genetics , lots of people will never have a small waist no matter how hard they try.
  14. I agree.
  15. it is just how bodies or made. I know I have no waist at all and yet my mom has a tiny waist. It is just how your built. People with tiny waist don't have any secrets other then that is how they're made. Those people tend to be larger in the butt/thigh area where has people with a thick waist look more athletic. BUT I still think tiny waist is the female ideal shape IMO. The curve.