people with their cabat´s

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  1. Does it have any thread with pics of people using their cabats?!?! Man´s, I want to see them out of the catwalk, how do you use it...POST PICS!!!
  2. vreelandia, you may want to check out "Bottega Veneta in action" thread. If I remember correctly, there are some photos of uclaboi and Bunkie carrying their Cabats.
  3. wish i can pose for you. but being 9 month pregnant doesnt make me very attractive right now
  4. I actually traded in the one I bought yesterday...I'm going to wait for the medium camel patent.
  5. :drool:

    The Camel in Patent sounds yummy!!!!! Ooooh... And wouldn't that mean that the Camel won't get dirty cos it's in patent?! :nuts:
  6. oh, please show us pics once you get it. I am dying to see that bag! action pics would be lovely too :nuts:
  7. That's the best part about patent leather. You can just wipe it with a damp cloth. But do be careful w/ color transfer on the Camel color, since it is a lighter color. Can't wait to see it!
  8. Wow... I'm imagining the camel patent. All I can say is, Wow!
  9. Ok, I am completely insane...I held up 2 boots to see what the color would be. I'm 5'7"...blonde w/fair skin and blue eyes. I love camel! They have the cabat in the black patent...but I have the large coco cabas Chanel in black patent. You are right...can't wear it next to dark denim!!
  10. Oooh but the camel patent would look so yummy with dark denim