People with the Speedy Mono and Speedy Daimer...

  1. People with the Speedy Mono and the Speedy Daimer which do you tend to get more use out of and why???????
  2. I don't know..I rotate all the bags frequently...depends on the them equally. I haven't carry my damier speedy that much since I got it (June). I would say 4-5 times the most..
  3. I do not have the speedy damier, but I do have the mono 30. I can say that I love my mono 30. I just put it away for a week. I need to use my other bags.
  5. I have both....I would say right now I use my Damier more. This is because it has been really rainy here and Damier is perfect for rainy weather (no patina to worry about)!
    Once it dries out I need to get my mono speedy out (gosh...I haven't used her in about a month or so).
  6. i have the monogram speedy 30 and damier speedy 25. i'll definitely say my damier speedy 25 when it comes to usefulness and the one that i'll use frequently. becus i dont have the patina to worry about. and the handles are stress free. its good.
  7. Damier!! It is low maintenance and more understated:smile:
  8. i rotate my bags as often as i can, but lately i've been using my Damier Speedy more just because it's been raining here :mad:
  9. I have the 30s in both..I tend to use the Damier more now because it's newer. The monogram one was my mom's vintage one.