people with the mini lin speedy...

  1. People with the mini lin speedy do you absolutely love it?? Is it higher maintenance than the mono canvas? Is it your fav right now???
  2. I have the Bucket and..yes, it's high maintenance, because of the fact i'm thinking about an exchange and get the Epi Segur PM
  3. thanx xlaux I definitely do not want it in that case...
  4. I also dislike the fact this line has white stitches..i would have preferred blue or black stitches:wondering
  5. I'm using the wallet- I'm in love with the fabric and design!
    no problems with what other described before even though it's in everyday use
    But it's whole different story than the canvas more like soft linen
  6. I am confused...what tissue?
  7. Yea - what tissue??

    I have the Boulogne and I LOVE it. No maintenance at all.
  8. i so did the same thing last weekend..!! anyway im glad i got exchanged with a bag that i loooove! :heart:

  9. I am still trying to figure out the tissue thing?
  10. tissue??
  11. I think she means the linen material. Fabric is tessuto in Italian.

    Tissue came up in a previous thread too. :smile:
  12. :lol:

  13. oh! i get it! that was dorky... :rolleyes:
  14. LOL you're right!:lol:
    don't you say tissue? i thought it was correct:shame:
    i don't like the fact mine bag has little imperfections on the canvas :sad:

  15. Well that is how linen is.