people with perfo

  1. do you love it? i am thinking of getting one from a girl i go to school with who is selling hers for tuition. i wonder if she is selling it because she doesn't love it. what do you all think of it?

    by the way, the bag is the fushia speedy.
  2. i like the perfo but i dont own one, They seem quit well made.
  3. I like the perforated line and I think it gives an interesting flare to the traditional monogram. It makes it hip and young!
    Although I don't own one right now I am planning to get one in the near future.
  4. I love mine...and the speedy is a great bag to get it in..
    the material is pretty thick since there's alcantara under it so it won't sag as much as a monogram speedy..
  5. what color did you get? i would guess green because of your font..hehe :smile:
  6. i love mine too! i really gives a nice flare to the good old MC :biggrin:
  7. I was thinking about the fuchsia pochette for awhile, but I don't know. I just wasn't impressed with them when I saw them in the stores. They had a haphazard look to them. :/ And the speedy was larger than I thought that it would be.. but having said all that they are unique pieces and if you love it I say go for it. If you're only so-so about it I'd wait and see if there's something else you like more first. :smile:
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