People with degrees in SOCIOLOGY - what do you do?

  1. I took this key from the psychology degree thread. My SO is graduating with his BA in sociology (concentration in criminology) in December. Originally he went into college thinking he ultimately wanted to be a detective, and so he got his associates in criminal justice, but went onto uni and majored in soc/crim to broaden his horizons. Now he's a bit lost. He's interning now as a data analyst but doesn't really feel it much. I think it's such an odd major (I'm adolescent education/Spanish - so my path is sorta laid out :/) - and so I'm doing research on possible career paths for him.

    Any advice? :confused1: Mainly I'm looking for people who graduated uni with this degree and looking to see what they do now.
  2. my mom has a sociology degree from Auburn and she works for Social Security. then again, my dad as a degree in PR from Georgia and so does he.

    i've always taken that sort of degree as a general 'hey, i graduated from college, hire me at some office job' degree. i think very few people actually use it. he has a lot of options; i'd suggest that he find a company or organization that he wants to work for and go from there.
  3. I have a degree in Sociology and Biology. I wanted to use my Soc degree to work in the non-profit sector and I did after college. I burned out...worked too hard and got no where, so now I use my Bio degree to do biomedical research in neurobiology. Soc. degrees can be applied to do many things: work in local government jobs, social work (if you continue your education), non-profit jobs, etc. Another route is to continue grad school and come up with a social theory and get a masters/Ph.D. and there is lots to do in this area, but there is very little pay and lots of work, writing and teaching and most likely, lots of politics withing the program.

    What does your SO like about sociology or what aspect of it?
  4. I'm currently taking a Sociology 101 course and my teacher supplied us with links about different job opportunities with a Sociology degree. I haven't read through them yet, but here they are:

    What Can I Do?

    More What Can I Do?

    I hope they help.
  5. I have a degree in sociology and I am a fundraiser for foundations and political campaigns.
  6. How do these jobs pay? I guess that's what confuses me. The words "non-profit" scare me :lol:. But really, if it's "non-profit" how does one make money???
  7. I had a sociology and psychology BA, but I went to law school. So, he could pursue grad school or professional school.
  8. I have a degree in Sociology and now work as an Accountant. It's a pretty broad major, so I think he'll have a lot of options when looking for a job.
  9. Lol, profit is calculated after wages are subtracted. :yes: Another way is to hire someone to work for the organisation, free lance for example.
  10. I'm taking up BSc Sociology next month!! Will probably work in HR or Marketing after I gain my MBA.
  11. my husband went to law school and is now a lawyer
    I did my master's in special ed and a teacher

    I received a bachelors in sociology
    hubby had a dual major of criminal justice and sociology
  12. maybe he can be a teacher just like you. im a sociology major and i want to become a sociology instructor for the community college or university levels. i'm still far off from getting my MA but getting so much closer to my BA. the best part of being a teacher is the schedule. so maybe you guys can have the summers off together and relax with one another :yes:
  13. I have a bachelors in Sociology from UCA (foreign university). I work in Marketing (I produce ads, packaging, manage trade shows). I recently earned my MBA form University of Miami....
  14. We can't imagine him getting a masters right now. After 4 years of college we're 22 - my parents won't be paying for our apartment anymore so ONE of us needs a stable income. I'm student teaching (no pay) next semester, and next semester he'll be graduated. We need a stable income - he needs a real job. Now he works as a vallet driver for side income - but he's tired of odd jobs. With a BA he's looking to be out of the blue-collar industry. :s

  15. yeah i know what you mean. im 22 as well...still live at home with mom and dad paying for most of my schooling and books. its so hard to break free when you're poor