people with 06 black city!

  1. hello...could people with the 06 black city post their pics of the bag and tell me what season its from?? thanks!
  2. 06 S/S Black City - she is super soft and squishy!

  3. Yum... :love:
  4. f/w 06 black city: THICK & smooth. It's getting quite soft after use :biggrin:

  5. I love my Black City - she's very distressed - but when I see a thick smooth one, I love that too! Maybe I should get another :graucho:
  6. Heres mine: I like the way it sags and it has smooth and thick leather
    black city.JPG
  7. i love mine. i mosdef abuse it too much. i carry it everywhere i love the leather on it the most!

    S/S 2006
  8. femme.fatale, your City is AMAAAAAAAAAAAAAZING!!!!!:drool:
  9. agreed. im sooo in love with these bags!:love: are the city bags that are available now the same as the s/s 06's?
  10. ^^ wow, major drool-fest, i :heart: them all!!! :drool:
  11. i want one too~~~ gosh!! they are so beautiful :smile:
  12. I know I have put these up just a couple of days ago (fantastic buy from bama and erica!) but just had to post again here!!:heart:
    black tPF 1.jpg black tPF.jpg
  13. ooooh, i REALLY want to add a black city to my collection now.
  14. My black city from SS06 :smile:

  15. Just to say that when I first got my SS06 black city in April, it was rather shiny looking. I have used it almost every other day since and it has nicely gone softer and more beautiful each day. I have not treated in anyway with leather products, which explains why the bottom part of the bag is starting to look a little bit drier.... :sad: