People who WANT to buy fakes

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    Hey everyone!

    I always hear stories about people who are looking for the authentic deal on Ebay and are ripped off by fake bags. Yet at Ioffer the story is different...buyers KNOW that the bags they are getting are fake, and still willingly purchase them. I really can't believe this...the sellers even STATE that the bag is a mirror image, and yet people want these.

    Just read the comments posted in the Dior listings on Ioffer and see for yourself. I think these people are just awful...and yet I can bet you that these people claim to be very moral people (and they probably criticize others for stealing and committing other crimes).
  2. Its probably because these people dont view a replica handbag as being a big deal. Also, some people do not have the money to go out and buy a 1,200+ handbag that is authentic, which they probably wont even use after about a while to justify the expense. I personally scrounge up my pennies if I am looking to buy a piece and I am a college student so its hard. On the other hand i am a male so my purchases are not extensive since women have more options. I honestly cant say how I feel either way, but i think that we shouldnt concern ourselves too much with how other people spend their money, after all they worked for it and we work for ours. People are gonna sell these bags because they know there is a market for them. The production and purchasing of designer handbags in my opinion will never stop. Because of this stigma that society has that appearing as if you have spent thousands of dollars on a handbag means you rich, which means your envied has gone a little far, but people are willing to buy into it. Unfortunately that means that people are willing to do what they have to do buying or selling items that are not authentic but appear to be.
  3. Hi Babylouis!

    I know earning money is hard (I am a university student too), and I have to make a few sacrifices for each bag purchase.

    I don't mean to sound like I care so much about what others spend their money on, but I am just frustrated by how people don't know that buying fakes is as bad (and illegal) as knowingly using counterfeit money. This forum is about obsessions with bags, and that's why I shared my feelings regarding this subject.

    It seems like my message is mistakened as a criticism of people's tastes (i.e. a taste in fake bags). Criticising someone's sense of style is just unnecessary, but this isn't really a criticism of taste, especially when it deals with people indulging in illegal items. I won't say a thing about someone buying an Hermes bag or an Aldo bag, because that would be a criticism of taste. But if someone knowingly bought a fake Hermes, it's a totally different story.

    Most buyers of fake bags end up selling the bags on Ebay as authentic ones...that's even worse, and absolutely worth criticising. I'd hate to be someone who was tricked into buying a fake bag, and I think most people can agree with me on that.
  4. A few of my old high school friends actually buy fakes because they look like the real thing and cost way less. I don't say anything to them about it because it will sound like a comment about their taste (plus there really isn't a point to comment considering it won't change anything), but at least there's a forum where almost every member despises fakes as much as I do. This is the only place I really get to talk about them and share some of my frustrations :shame:.
  5. I totally feel what you are saying 100%!:yes: I just know that some people just dont care for whatever reason and its messed up but hey, what are ya gonna do, but like i said i totally feel you. i did not mean to sound like i was attacking b/c i dont buy fake stuff, ill save up if i dont have it at my disposale but i just wanted to maybe shed light on the other side.
  6. thats y i hate ioffer its a pathethic site, everyone on there sells fakes and trys to sell them for the same price as the real thing, They should really shut the website down.:noworry:
  7. i'm all for sacrificing other material comforts for a bag. (and i should know... HELLO CAMPBELL'S CHICKEN SOUP & INSTANT COFFEE!)

    that said, i can understand the allure of getting a fake. i'll admit i've contemplated on getting a fake chanel (since the classic flap has been so widely faked) and it's really tempting when it's a bag that has a pretty common design and a label that i don't have that big a passion for. i adore dior a whole lot (well particularly for dior under galliano) and i guess it's probably different matter when it comes to your favourite label - i.e. you're more likely to be willing to splurge on the items from that particular label.

    from my personal viewpoint, i guess people buy fakes because they either really like that particular design but simply can't afford the real deal, or it's purely a label-flaunting exercise (re: people who go for say a fake lv monogram speedy). that said, after joining the forum, i've come to appreciate real bags a whole lot more, i've seen tonnes of fakes (since i hail from asia - i guess some stereotypes are true) and honest to goodness, they look REALLY NASTY. case in point, those balenciaga motorcycle bags. when i was home over summer, i saw so many girls with a fake balenciaga that i felt completely disgusted (to the extent that i now have an aversion to even the real balenciaga bags!) because it seemed more like a fad/label-whoring thing for them. it's that mentality where "oh everyone has the latest 'it' bag and therefore i must have it, so sod it if it's a fake, as long as it looks real!"

    i'm rambling here, but speaking solely in the context of dior, like i said, i love their designs (particularly the clothes more than the bags, but they do go pretty much hand in hand) and to me, it's like buying the record of your favourite band. it's true you can download music off the internet, but you wouldn't get the fancy artwork on a record sleeve and to me, forking out money for a record is a way of showing your appreciation for the work the band has put in. same for the bags, buying a fake would never bring you the same quality nor design as the real one and buying a real bag is like showing your appreciation for the craftsmanship & creativity of the label and the label's designer. i know this sounds horribly pretentious but a bag (or any article of clothing) is like a piece of wearable art piece, so it's no different than buying a painting on the basis that you just really appreciate/like the artist's work.

    just my two cents worth. and i do apologise for it being so overly bloated and wanky-sounding.
  8. No worries! I didn't feel like it was an attack at all! :biggrin: I was just afraid that my words implied that I support openly criticising other's tastes, and my posting did sound like I was suggesting that (I don't edit my words too much on this forum, especially my sentence structure, so I sometimes end up implying things that I never meant).
  9. AWwww! Mine is cheap 99-cent pasta (99 cents for 900g dried pasta) and cheap pasta sauce (99 cents to $1.49 a can) almost every night, and the bag of pasta can last a week (sometimes the sauce can, too)!!!

    I admit to having purchased 2 fakes many years ago, which I really regret now because I have "sinned" against Dior (sadly I actually feel this, because Dior is my favourite brand of all time - watches, sunglasses, clothes, and of course bags). By buying the two fakes, I assisted the counterfeiters by providing them with more funds to make more accurate fakes. This was back when I was 15 or 16, and fakes were really bad quality and very obviously fake. WHAT WAS I THINKING?!?!?!?!? And the two bags broke after a few uses (both of them were "glued" bags, as in glue was used to stick many of the parts together). So they sort of got rid of themselves, thank goodness.

    I'll never ever buy a fake again...I learned my lesson well.
  10. What does "authentic quality" mean?

    I think some people may still think they are getting an authentic bag. No where does it say it isn't authentic. Mirrorimage is the name of the seller, so some gulliable people may not realize what it means....
  11. Oh my...I never thought of that. I interpreted "authentic quality" as "this fake has quality that compares to that of a real Dior bag".

    I know that for some listings, buyers actually ask, "Is this bag an exact replica of the real bag?", but reading this particular listing again, it seems that the authenticity of the bag is left ambiguous (i think it's deliberate). It's almost as if the seller wouldn't mind telling people that the bag is fake, but they also would love it if buyers think that it's the real deal.
  12. hear hear!!
  13. i love pasta..... thanks for the idea!! :wlae:

    and also, thank you for vowing to never do fake dior again. that is a huge no-no......all the dior fakes are terrible! they'll never be able to match the quality! even the rasta bags...those were an abomination...but anything dior does, they do it well & use the best quality materials.....gorgeous materials.....even on the ugly rasta.....
  14. Oh yes the ugly fake rastas. The green looks like vomit and the yellow looks like mustard. Maybe the red is ketchup!!!! (actually the colors on the real thing aren't so great either)

    I am SO glad fake Dior's aren't as hard to tell as fake LVs! EXCEPT there is ONE fake that took me a while to get (I was really suspicious when I saw this...the buy-it-now price was what threw me off) it is:
    Dior Detective Fake III 1.jpg

    Dior Detective Fake III 2.jpg

    Dior Detective Fake III 8.jpg

    Dior Detective Fake III 10.jpg

    Dior Detective Fake III 4.jpg
    The CD-engraving was a bit cheap-looking, and the logo on the interior leather flap was VERY VERY slightly off. The shape was a bit weird, too, especially the sides that bulged out (they bulged out weirdly). I saved these pictures when I found out it was fake because I want to be able to use these pictures to spot other similar fakes.

    But this was by far the most accurate Dior fake I've seen (scary! I hope they don't all get this accurate).
  15. ^ i really don't think that one is fake.