people who treats bad their LV

  1. Today I was down-town in a coffe shop when i saw this girl around 20s and she had a lockit the smallest size it was authentic I could see that :yes:
    but... I felt so sad becuase she had it so over stuffed that the ziper barely closed and the vachetta in the bottom was all stained it looked like grease and also the handles where so dirty almost black that purse was the most horrible vuitton I have seen in my life and it couldn't be so old I mean lockit was released like 6 months ago ?? it was so bad treated.. have you seen something like this?? sometimes I feel weird because I think I take too much care of my bags... but after seeing this... I am happy I do :love:
  2. Oh how sad for that poor little lockit!!! I have seen this....more with really old speedies. I take very good care of mine - too much money to spend on something to just throw around like that!
  3. Yes, I've seen people carrying LVs that looked awful! I don't know why it's so hard for them to be more careful with their LVs. When you spend a lot of money on a purse, you should baby it!!! You want it to last for a long time! I'm extremely careful of mine which also makes it easier if selling an LV since my bags are in pristine condition. I've sold 3 bags (Alma, Trouville, & Cabas Piano) to my co-workers, but I don't think they are as careful with the bags as I was... Oh well....
  4. oh it would totally break my heart to see someone mistreat any bag that was so gorgeous and expensive!! I could never mistreat my bags...I'm so paranoid of getting them messed up.
  5. Maybe it's just me:confused1: but I think when woman treat her expensive bag with nonchalance (good word?) it can look sexy. Anyway 'black' patina and large stains on vachetta are horrible...
  6. ^ Yeah, sometimes it looks good, but sometimes not! I saw a lockit horizontal yesterday that had similar grease stains. Are people preparing to fry their bags!? Haha.
  7. For some people, a bag is just a bag. :shrugs: They don't have the same mentality that we do.
    I try to baby my bags and jewelry, but I KNOW I am abusive with shoes so I don't spend more than XXX on those.
    Everyone's got different priorities, I guess.
  8. when my friend got her speedy she put tanning oil on the handles ....... i asked her why?! she said she wanted the vachetta to darken right away, now her handles are REALLY dark, basically black
  9. My sister throws her bags around on the floor, it drives me crazy......
    A business person my husband had lunch with had the LV Speedy and the handles were black.....he said he knew it was real but dirty (UGH) so he did take notice. Funny think this lady kept saying how LV will repair your bags for free and put new handles on and he is thinking (why don't you do this) and I told him that you have to pay for new handles. The lady has major $$$ so one would think you would buy a new LV if yours gets dirty enough to look black. Another friend puts her purse on the floor when she goes out to eat, that is nasty--think about all the germs.
    I baby mine and condition the leather and they look great.
  10. "when my friend got her speedy she put tanning oil on the handles ....... i asked her why?! she said she wanted the vachetta to darken right away, now her handles are REALLY dark, basically black"

    :yucky: When I read that - I was horrified. I can't imagine treating a bag that way. If I spent $20 or $2000, I treat my things nicely so that they will last. If I have to put my bag down, I put it on my feet, so it doesn't sit on the floor.
  11. Whenever I buy pre-loved LV off eBay, I am shocked at how dirty and poorly maintained these poor things are. I spend over an hour each cleaning and conditioning them. And I am not talking about poeple deliberately tanning the handles or anything - I'm talking about normal use. I clean my LV religiously and take extreme care with them when I use them. Not everyone is like that I guess.
  12. ITA! I clean and condition like no other; most of the time I'm pretty successful, and there are a couple times I'm not. And I'm sure it's from everyday wear-and-tear not hard abuse. A couple of my "newer" bags (circa 2000) look worse than my "older" bags (1999 and earlier).

    Some of the most abused LVs I've seen on the street are the monogram speedys (super dark handles and beat-up shapes) and almas (dirty vachetta and mishapen form from overstuffing).:s
  13. I agree.

    I take good care of my bags, but I love the look of old, beat up speedies.
  14. I think there is a fine line between taking care of your major purchases and "babying" them. I figure in the end, I always think I shouldn't buy an item I can't deal with the thought of (1) losing, (2) getting dirty or (3) using on a regular basis.

    It really helps me think about what I am purchasing because I know I am hard on items -- from taking public transit to frequent work trips to every day wear and tear. If I can't bear the thought of the item going through all these "tribulations", then it isn't for me.
  15. I guess the Lockit probably is an used item, so she doesn't want to take care of it :confused1: That's why I like brand new one.