People who think there rich/famous/bailling with a FAKE BAG!

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  1. #1 Oct 2, 2010
    Last edited: Oct 2, 2010
    yes we all no fakes are about
    And yes sometimes we do feel abit like crap when we see someone who has a replica of a bag we spent over $500 for (in my case £400).
    My freind seems to think its okay carrying fake bags.Now to me personaly I no I shouldent care but I do feel kinda offended in the way a girl with a fake bag thinks she can look at me up and down in a nasty way and then look at my bag and give it a dirrty look (No one EVER gives my babys dirrty looks!)but then again I do look at them and think ''My stuff real yours is not'' nooooow my freind as I was saying seems to think its okay carrying a knockoff but yet I just really want to tell her that noo your stuff is fake and the way she brags about it saying oh yeah my bag is this and that, she has a galliera gm in the ebene but she has a tannned leather (Plastic) handle for it and she also has a fake speedy which just looks plastic.I NO FULL WELL SHE GETS THESE OF THE INTERNET but yet she seems to think im stupid :tdown: and she also thinks putting them on a chat site with pictures saying look at all my Louis Vuitton is a freind.What should I say to her without making her feel bad and also without her arguing with me saying they are real when she knows full well I no everything about Lv?
  2. If there is a nice way to say you get what you pay for. :P Real LV is handmade with quality leather, (unless it's a super cute, inexpensive fun bag and not a fake) who wants to carry plastic?! Plus you hear about some of the criminal profits off fakes and no one wants to support that. Why buy subpar when you know it's merely a poor imitation? I can understand if she doesn't want to spend the money but there are less expensive brands she can purchase that are quality goods. Heck, Mulberry is having a limited time line coming out at Target this weekend (although I don't know if you have Target in the UK)...