People who tan really easily...

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  1. Do you try to avoid the sun altogether? Or do you wear sunscreen and just let yourself get tan? Also, have you been checked by a dermatologist and gotten a clean bill of health?

    I ask, because I read a really scary article on skin cancer and I'm paranoid. I mixed broad spectrum waterproof spf 50 into my moisturizers and I've been slathering it on every single day, head to toe. But yesterday it was a really warm sunny day, so I was driving around with my windows and sunroof open. I noticed today that I have color on my arms and face! :shocked:

    I read that any kind of color, even just a bit of tan, is a sign of damage. They showed "tan" skin under a microscope and it looked like cooked bacon! I'm freaking out... I love the sun, but I don't know what I can do besides avoiding it completely (which isn't really an option) :sad:
  2. I tan VERY easily, very dark rich tan, never really had a sunburn before. The sun for me is unavoidable in the summer, being that I vacay at the lake most of the summer (3 days out of a week! then for 2 straight weeks!), I don't use sunscreen like I should:nogood:

    Are you talking about the article in Glamour?
  3. No matter what your coloring, you should wear sunscreen. If more people did, then they wouldn't need botox at 30. If you must tan, try self tanners.

    Do you have a link to the article?
  4. It was the Glamour article! It really scared me!

    I do use self tanners and I don't purposely tan anymore. The tan that I got yesterday was from about 2 hours total in the car, and I had on spf 50! I was always under the impression that a little bit of color is harmless if there's no burn, but apparently any color = damage :s
  5. Awe, don't be terrified of the sun. Everyone needs a little bit of sun. Just don't go out with baby oil and bake yourself. It's the best source for Vitamin D and K. If you are really pale, I would continue to wear a high number sunscreen. Also if you are that paranoid, wear big sunglasses and a wide brim hat or scarf on your head. Besides you will look fabulous like Jackie O and it will avoid wrinkles. :yes:

    ETA: Thanks for the link :flowers:
  6. I'm really bad, and go tanning in beds. I made a habit of going to the derm every year since I was 25 (28 now) to get me moles checked because I have a lot. I have stopped reading those mag articles because I am the type of person that if I read stuff like that I am convinced that I have it as well. I actually have stopped reading Glamour for that reason...I don't feel it helps me it just scares the hell out of me!!
  7. I grew up in California, so I am a sun lover and I love a nice beachy tan. You know what? Skin cancer is scary, but so are a lot of other things. And I've got 2039480238 other things to worry about, so if I'm tan, wahoo! I don't care!!!! I could die striking an IED or getting mortared, or some other way, I just don't have time to consider all the possibilities.
  8. I tan VERY easily. The only time I actually try to get a tan is when I'm on vacation for 2 weeks during the summer. I admit that I don't use sunscreen like I should :shame: I use it for the first couple days and then I get lazy. I have never gotten a burn before, I just turn a golden color. Even if I don't try to get a tan (just driving in a car), I get color. I use to read articles on skin cancer (as well as articles on other things) and it freaked me out. I would automatically assume I had whatever the article was bout, so I try to avoid those things. I only have 3 moles on my body and have had them since I was little. I do check myself and watch for new moles, but have never actually gone to a doctor to get checked.
  9. I am naturally very fair with yellow undertones, so I still tan relatively easily. I try to avoid getting any sun on my face however and use a selftanner on my face instead. Anyway, I used tanning beds for 5 yrs but stopped about 1 yr ago. My dermatologist has checked all my moles twice in the time since I quit tanning, and so far no problems. I do not wear spf, although I know I should.
  10. I have the same outlook on this. I think maybe it's because of our line of work Candace. I could very easily die in the line of duty.....I enjoy being in the sun and will continue to do it. Gotta have some joy in life!
  11. Mixing the spf into your moisturiser won't give you the full strength when you apply it. it's a fact that most people don't apply enough spf to get the full factor when they are using that alone so when mixed it will be even lower
  12. I am assuming that is you in your avatar picture and I would wear sunscreen if I were you since you look like you have freckles and red hair. To each their own.
  13. I tan very easily, but there's not much sun where I live. When I go somewhere sunny, I use spf 50. I'm very afraid of getting wrinkles! Like those leathery brown ladies you see on the beach.
  14. I realize that, but I mixed about 2/3 spf 50 sunblock with 1/3 body lotion. That's still pretty strong. I don't "need" sunscreen at all; I don't burn. I'm just concerned about damaging my skin cells :flowers: