people who talk down to you...

  1. I know this has been discussed but I just experienced this. My co-worker was talking about how she's had her $10 purse from Target for 10 years!!! and she doesn't understand how I (or anyone else) could spend as much as I do on my purses & wallets. I tried to be nice and just play it off like "oh well, everyone likes spending their money on different things etc" and she just wouldn't let it go! She kept pushing that I was being duped and that you can find perfectly nice leather pieces at Target or Walmart :wtf::throwup: ... I tired to explain the quality of leather and she just didn't get it and made me feel like crap. Ugh.. not cool!!!! :yucky:

    ::: end rant ::: :angel:
  2. well then let her buy her cheapo purse. the funny thing is, is that i would never talk down to someone for NOT having a coach...yet they can talk down to those that do?? and maybe she is just jealous that she doesn't have one...i dunno. i hate ppl that do that kind of stuff... :push:
  3. I know what you mean.. Many people in my area don't buy the designer bags and probably don't realize how much money I spend on bags... I always just say " I know its crazy but it makes me happy!" :shame:Then they usually drop it...:girlsigh:
  4. Do not bother trying to explain. I have experienced the same thing with one of my SILs and it just ends with me becoming increasingly annoyed. You do not have to justify your purchases to anyone and you will probably not be able to make her understand. If it were me, the next time she brought it up, I would just say that everyone has something that they like spending money on and for you that luxury is handbags.
  5. well, i find a lot of the same people who think we "waste" our $ oepn a bottle of wine every night, smoke, or have expensive electronics. i think everyone has their thing and people should mind their business
  6. My theory is that every person has something they love and if they can afford it they buy it or do it. My cousin won't pay over $40 for a bag but she goes on cruises once a year and to Las Vegas a few times a year, she loves to travel. I have another cousin that goes out to dinner a few times a week. Some people like expensive cars, are into skiing (pricey hobby), collect this or that. I like having a nice bag, my husband is into nice guitars...some people put down what someone else is into because they don't get it. Gabz said it well "People should mind their own business". :smile:
  7. If she wants to be happy with a cheap-o bag, let her. She's one of those people that dont understand - and i have a best friend the same way, but my friends dont judge me. This co-worker obvioulsy isnt a friend of yours, so forget about her! And i'd be sure to change the subject if she brings it up again.

    There is no winning with some people. I didnt understand the glory of a designer bag until just recently, but I came around. Maybe she will too when you start bringing some super cute bags to work.. Maybe she just hasnt found her style of bag yet..?? Maybe she is just {closed minded}
  8. I wouldn't even waste time explaining about leather quality or anything. She's not paying your bills so it's none of her business how you spend your money. The End.
  9. ok first of all, her $10 Target bag was most likely not real leather then and she seems rather ignorant and unwilling to hear about the differences in Quality of leather. I wonder why she felt like you deserved a good lecture when it's not her money you're spending. That little rant obviously isn't going to forge any friendships between you two...

  10. You just described me and my BF haha!! :rolleyes:
  11. Kill 'em with kindness. One person so far in my extended monkeysphere has had the gall to insult my newly expensive (and well-made, and attractive, and backed-by-a-guarantee-worth-something) bags. I turned it around: "Wow, you're very frugal. An admirable trait. So few people live within their means these days....*and gradually change the topic*"

    Throws 'em.
  12. I wonder how much money your co-worker wastes on little things she doesn't really need. If an economist came in and analyzed just about anyone, they can find little luxuries that add up to several hundred dollars. For example, coffee bought from a stand instead of brewed at home, cigarettes, alcohol, etc. All things that are not necessary but people still enjoy them.

    If she ever brings up your bags again, you might try pointing this out to her with a smile. Especially if she "wastes her money" on any of these things. Heck, just buying a lunch instead of bringing your own is "wasting money."

    I've also found that smiling and saying, "Well, that's one way to look at it." and refusing to say anymore usually gets the point across. Especially if you can smile and raise one eyebrow!
  13. One of my friends always makes snide little comments every time I get a new bag about how she could never"spend so much money on a bag because she has children to take care of". Meanwhile she's driving a new Merecedes and takes a several expensive vacations a year. The last time she said that to me, I told her that I guess I'm just lucky that I can spoil myself since I don't have any kids to take care of. She hasn't said anything since then.
  14. A few people have said things like that to me, but I don't let it get me down - I'm just glad I don't have such an overwhelming need to feel superior to others that I have to make snide comments about their stuff. I just smile and say "well, everyone has something they like to spend their money on, don't they?" and move on.
  15. I actually have a great way of handeling this problem..........INGORE, IGNORE, IGNORE! Works everytime.:yes: