people who steal suck!

  1. so recently my roommate and i discovered that someone pilfered through our DVD collection and stole a bunch from us :crybaby: including MANY of my faves, like waterboy, what dreams may come, and school of rock. my most recent discovery almost made me cry. My Alice in Chains DVD is gone :crybaby: i never saw it anywhere before, never see it anywhere now, and know i can buy it again, but am in such a financial bind, that i won't be able to replace ANY of the stolen goods for ages. i'm so sad. why are people so AWFUL. ugh. boo.

  2. Oh, so sorry to hear that. That's horrible!
  3. aww that sucks. were your doors unlocked or was this someone who you know? it would really suck if it was one of your or your roomie's friends!
  4. well, we live on the third floor of a RICKITY staircase, so we do leave our doors unlocked sometimes. thing is, no one would know that but our friends. we don't even invite many people up to our pad, so we have a pretty good idea of who it could have been. it's narrowed down to a select few. i dont feel comfortable pointing fingers tho :crybaby:

    other wierd thing is, nothing else is gone, and we have BETTER DVDs than the ones that were taken, so someone was PICKING through the selection. i just dont get it. ugh. it's like someone was trying to make it NOT obvious to us by their selections. ugh. i'm so agitated!
  5. That blows! I hate thieves!! I had someone break into my house when I was in college and they took some things that could never be replaced. It still sucks to this day!
  6. I'm so sorry this happened to you.

    In Vancouver, it is very common to have your car cleaned out by crooks. This happened to me a few months after I moved here and before I was warned about it.

    They took my fav CDs including ones I got while traveling in Europe. Those CDs could never be replaced.

    Those jerks took everything - even the flares and maps!

    Now I use a Club on the steering wheel EVERY time I park. Plus I keep the car empty and open the glove compartment, coin box, and other storage places to show there is nothing to take.

    Some people even put signs on their car windows saying "nothing to steal!"

    Being robbed is awful.

    Can you ask your friends who have the music you like to burn copies of your missing CDs for you?
  7. I totally agree, they do suck! ugh!
  8. I must agree. I absolutely DESPISE people who take things that don't belong to them! :cursing:
  9. it's like people can't get their own things, they get envious of what you have, and take it for themselves. it totally proves people have NO effin sense of pride. i'm proud to say i own what i own because i work for it. i wish people had morals. :shrugs: how rude. :cursing:
  10. :crybaby: it was a DVD! i don't know anyone else who has it. i will eventually rebuild my DVD collection, but back in the day when i was in high school, someone stole ALL of my CDS because like an IDIOT i brought them ALL to school one day. $2000 worth of CDs gone. all the artwork, all bought brand new. i still have yet to rebuild that collection, and now i have to fix my DVDs.

    *sigh* people are so ignorant!
  11. That suxs... I hope you can get the stuff back if you find out who did it.
  12. for their sake, i hope i never find out. period.
  13. I used to live in an apartment building in which one of our neighbors had a bad drug habit. Everyone in our building started noticing that missing items--a CD here, a video game there--but the missing items could just have easily been misplaced by the owner. I was missing a few CDs, as was my roommate. Turns out that our drug-addict neighbor was sneaking into everyone's apartment (we often left our back door open when doing the laundry or visiting a neighbor) and stealing stuff to sell for drug money. What a jerk!
  14. sorry this happened to you! :crybaby:
  15. nothing lower than a thief