people who ruin endings!

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  1. I'm so pissed! I was watching a tv show on and one person who posted put what happens in the end!! She actually tells everyone WHO DIES! ah I'm so upset!!!! :evil::evil::evil:
    Who else hates when endings are ruined?!!?

    (sorry about the mix up btw)
  2. i hate it when i don't ask to know what happens. i haven't read the latest harry potter book yet and it came out during the summer so basically people wrote/talked about what happened and it kinda ruined it for me :sad:
  3. I hate when that happens, especially in a movie theater. I've had experiences where people have ruined a movie for me in the bathroom or while waiting on line (people who just let out and dicuss it with others). It's really irritating.
  4. in middle school my best friend at the time and i went to see The Sixth Sense and halfway through the movie she leaned over and was like 'you wanna know something cool?' and totally told me the ending. i could have, in the words of grey's anatomy, kavorkianed her with my bare hands.
  5. Ahhh the same thing happened to me! I was SO mad!