People who pretend to own LV

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  1. Has anyone come across this phenomenon? Before I say anything else I should say that I don't own any LV. I do have an acquaintance (who is not on this forum, BTW) who claims to own no less than 8 hard to get LVs and describes them right down to year and serial number.. Of course she manages some elegant avoidance when asked for photos and such, but has great standing in the forum she belongs to!
  2. :confused1: thats very wierd and would be a difficult thing to keep up. the more important question here is what would compel someone to lie about something like that?

  3. I agree.....why bother lying about having a certain designer bag?? I mean....who the hell cares? None of my friends/ relatives have fact my very best friend carries the crappiest bags I have ever seen and I couldn't care less! I don't think any less of people that don't carry LV. It's something I love and that's all I care about. People need to reevaluate their lives if they have to lie about owning something such as a nice handbag.
  4. hmm ... maybe is bad to even say this but i honestly do not understand why people would do that and why people would go for fakes for the sake of getting others to know that they also have some lvs or any other high end brand bags ... its silly, but cant help it? the worst part when they know they have a friend that have many lvs and will be able to identify the real/fake and yet still come out with the bags ... is it only me? i never criticise or even say any single words ... even typing like this is like a sin .. oh, why why why?? hmm ... of course i dont care who use what, i only cares what i love to have (this also another sin???? haha) ... oh well, i guess pretty much mind my own business is the key ... dont bother ... its not going anywhere ... case closed.
  5. someone wants to be e-popular?
  6. Forum standing...I believe the OP was mentioning someone on a online forum. I have belonged to many, many forum communities, and there are always a few people there that feel that they have to 'prove' something to the community to be "in", and that apparently, gives them a feeling of satisfaction.

    I feel sad for these people, because your personal life must be pretty unfulfilling if you need validation from people you've never met on a messsage board.
  7. Very sad, indeed!:yes:
  8. Yea, I say that the person wishes to lengthen his/her e-penis.
  9. :yes:

  10. oopssss :nuts:
  11. I agree with you! It is very sad, because damn, why do you have to make up stories so you can fit in. I mean, gosh, your life must be boring.
  12. I can't believe they would go through so much effort to prove it!
  13. that's so sad..
  14. Lol..yeah I have a friend who claims to have certain bags that she didn't like so she returned them. Of course, it's always RIGHT after I carry mine around for the first time. "Oh yeah I had that same one but I returned it."
    And her family went overseas a couple years ago and she told me she'd gotten one of the Velours line bags but it was an orange color and that she didn't like how the hardware looked old and beat up so she was trying to shine it up. Um ok. I've still never seen it. I know it's fake but it's funny how she said it.
  15. can u lie about owning LVs?? i mean it only matters when people see u carrying the actual bag, doesn't it??