People who own mini lin bags...

  1. People who own mini lin you love them? what are the pros and cons with mini lin? my SA told me it could pile and denim is more durable...any thoughts appreciated...thanks...
  2. I love mine. I love it so much I am getting one in Dune as my next bag.

    As far as "pilling" The Mini Lin fabric is part linen and that is just natural part of linen. Whatever "pills" it has when you buy it, it will not get any worse. Just think if you have ever bought a pair of linen pants the "pills" do not get any worse the more you wear it.

    What I love about the Mini Lin Speedy is it is VERY light weight. I love that there is no Vachetta and you still get the LV logo. I also love that fact there are not a ton of people walking around with one.

    So far I have not found any cons. Well one. It sags more then the other speedies. But I fixed that. I took a DVD case and opened it up and laid it flat on the bottom and now it does not sag at all.

    I highly recommend it.

  3. I just got a Mini Lin bucket in ebene. I love it. As previous posts said no vachetta. Which is great. I haven't really found any dislikes to her yet.
  4. I have a mini lin speedy in ebene for a couple months now, so far it's a great bag. Love the fact that it's light weight, no vachetta, and it's not too common. I'm around parks, water, shopping malls often because I have 2 kids and have to tote them around everywhere w/ me, but so far no damage, it's as good as new.
  5. I have a speedy...I agree with your comments 100%!!!! Mine looks the same as when i got her. She holds up so well!
  6. Great! I wondered the same since my next purchase would be the speedy in ebene!
  7. nothing nothing and nothing.. its a great bag. I have the mini lin speedy and love it. its worry free. I dont worry when it rains or snows its all good.
    Hope a ton of course because its a speedy 30 :smile:
    its a great bag.
  8. I agree 100% :smile:
  9. :yes::yes:Yep, this is my life too..I just peeled off some banana sludge and you can't even tell!! This is a great bag!!
  10. I love mine because I don;t have to worry about vachetta.
  11. Wow, after reading all the positive comments.. makes me soooooo want to have 1 too...
  12. i have the boulogne and it is by far the lightest bag i own! it's one of my favorites. i agree with everyone else! highly recommend!
  13. i have the bucket and since i got her last may...haven't changed bags since.
  14. joann, mbarbi....any modelling pics of the bucket?

    It sounds like a great bag and durable...I wonder why the SA steered me away from it in favour of denim...I have always wanted a fabric bag and was going to get a gucci but, LV has won me over and I cannot look at any other brand now...I guess you could say I am exclusive with LV

    beljwl great idea with the CD must love it if you are going with a dune one....if I purchase a mini lin I since I am not near a store I will have to get the SA to check it out for piles before sending...some may be better than other..

    Bag Fetish good to know you can take it out in all conditions and it is not that delicate...

    donny, rica and twin momma if it is kid friendly then we know it is durable.....

    I do love the ebene tone on tone with dark leather it is so different from the mono canvas...more unique imo
  15. I like light bags!!:tup: