People who mention their job ALL the time?

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  1. I've met one of my son's friend's mothers several times over the past few weeks. She's nice lady but it irritates me a lot because she refers to everything in terms of her former job, or the salary her job made, or where her former job took her and so on. She is currently a SAHM, and this was her former job, which she left to have a baby.

    Yes, her former job was a VERY high paying job in IT, there is a different lingo, people who are in her field need quick wits and high intelligence but I really don't need that crammed down my throat 24/7 every time she has to say something about where she shops for baby clothes or whatever!

    If I started mentioning my own work in a really technical fashion and trying to relate it to her conversation do you think she would get the point? All this time I've been avoiding her queries by telling her that I'm doing some nondescript stuff that really isn't worth talking about much. I'm not sure if she's trying to impress me somehow?
  2. My brother does it all the time and he doesn't have a job to brag about. I think he THINKS he's going to impress someone with it by using big words/terms to describe it but I have no idea.
    I don't think she'll get the point if you try to hint at it, you might just gently try telling her that while you're happy for her, you'd rather not keep hearing about her job.
  3. I catch myself talking about my job all the time too, but just because it's horrible and I deep down wants some support, not because I'm proud of it or is trying to impress anybody, lol.
    However, it might be that this lady is trying to impress you or brag about her former job, but maybe she's just bored since she's now a SAHM and actually miss her job? Or maybe she just lacks the social antennas and don't think about it? Anyways, try to speak about your job in technical terms 'randomly' and see if she reacts to it.
  4. My guess...
    It was what defined her and gave her meaning. She's feeling lost and insignificant right now...maybe after a year of adjusting to sahm status, she'll pipe down.
  5. people tend to overinflate themselves because they have self-esteem issues. i just ignore people when they do that and change the subject.
  6. My BF's brother talks about his job allll the damn time. He really likes it, hes the Director of ticket sales for Georgetown Univ. and is so excited every year because of the NCAA basketball tournament.. he acts like he knows everything and all the players and it the only only thing we talk about. If we're talking about anything else, he automatically changes the subject to his job.. oh lord does it drive me nuts...
  7. People talk about what is important to them, in my experience.

    Obviously the job is/was key to her.

    I have co-workers that talk about their children non-stop and it drives me up a WALL. But I usually blow it off, let them yap, and move on when not engaged professionally.

    Don't let her get to you.

    You don't have to see her as a friend, let it go.
  8. so true! but if i get a job swimming with shamu at seaworld, you guys and everyone will start hating me because i will probably not shut up about it. because thats an awesome job.
  9. Hmm..I always run into her at pickup time. If I smile and nod and say "It's a nice day, isn't it?" She'll end up saying "Well the probablity of having a nice day is a binomial distribution, and (small laugh) the binomial distribution converges to a a Poisson distribution as the number of days or trials goes to layman's terms I would suggest flipping a coin to see what days are going to have fine weather..."

    Or she'll mention the fact that her husband is an academic but during the time she worked she made 5-6 times more money than him, etc, etc.
  10. :roflmfao: Ok...I stand corrected. It's much worse than I thought! Can I just say how impressed that you could parrot what she said! I would have lost it after 'probable binomial'...:shrugs:
    Actually, after reading that, I immediately thought of this gal at work (I work from home and she's in the office) that sends us all weekly grammar emails. I'm good w/grammar when I try (don't look at my lazy posts!!) but this woman has retained grammar information that I one could remember or need! She'll spew out an email using huge words and correcting our grammar bits and's barely recognizable! But's just soooo darn annoying!!!! I'm convinced it's the only thing she excells at w/her genius she just has to prove her intelligence of the English language over and over again! ARg!!!:push:
    The boss and I want to buy her one of these....likely the 'dog one' or 'i'm the one...'
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  11. You have my sympathy. Egocentric people can be soooo annoying.

    I would just duck her - not even comment about the weather. When waiting to pick up the dd/ds, I would stand away from her. If she came up to me I would pretend to be talking to someone on my cell phone.

    It always amazes me how many people have an undeservedly high opinion of themselves and how fascinating they think they are to others.
  12. I try not to talk about my job, but sometimes I can't help it because it takes up so much of my life. Your friend's mother sounds like she is feeling left out of life because she was once a part of the work force, but is now at home. My sister went through this phase when she first started being a SAHM, but she eventually stopped talking about what she used to do. Now I get to have hour-long conversations with her about living room rugs or Spode, and how long it took her to find the rug or plate, and blah blah blah...:shocked:

    I miss the days when she used to talk about her job.
  13. Ok she just likes to hear herself talk. She is full of herself :yucky:
  14. ^:yes: Or she's soooo bored. :biggrin:
  15. :blink::blink::blink: